DANGER: Lottery Heroes, Richard Mooney and Star News5 fake story

Star News5 and Lottery HeroesIn this review we reveal a new scam about people getting rich with Lottery Heroes.

The Star News5 website features a story about a secret system used by people to earn big money. The system is called Lottery Heroes.

The article mentions a guy called Richard Mooney who allegedly has tried the system and has become a millionaire.

Lottery Heroes scam

This is not your typical investment scam, but even this one is easy to spot, just use common sense. Lotteries are about luck, which is unpredictable, therefore no system in this world can make you a lottery winner. Period.

In fact, for years Star News5 is well-known for supporting scams. In the past we saw it promoting binary options scams, now it is about Lottery Heroes.

Fake Richard Money

Richard Mooney is fakeHere we have a very tangible proof that the story about Lottery Heroes is a scam. The alleged winner Richard Money is a fictitious character created by scammers.

You just have to look at the German version of the website and you will see the same story, the same photo, but the name is Jonas Schaffer.

How it really works

The only purpose of the fake Star News5 story is to make you buy tickets in Lottery Heroes, which will result in a loss.

People who run Lottery Heroes will keep your money, it will be their profit, and that will be it. This is how it works.


The story about Richard Mooney and Lottery Heroes in Star News5 is fake, it is a scam, it cannot earn you any money.

You cannot build a profitable strategy for a lottery, but you can do it in financial trading, since assets’ prices don’t always move unpredictably. You can try it on a free demo, if you wish.

In trading you can also lose money, so bear that in mind if you decide to invest real money.

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16 thoughts on “DANGER: Lottery Heroes, Richard Mooney and Star News5 fake story

  1. Wow, this was really tempting. I had never heard of this before when I saw the add on Pinterest, I registered and almost deposited my money. Thank you so much for this review, you guys have saved my money. It’s always true when things are too good to be true.
    Deleting my browser history😊👍

  2. Hi guys,

    My name is Mariya and I am from the LotteryHeroes support team.

    Many thanks to all of You for Your comments and feedback.

    I would like to notify, that this page is not related to LotteryHeroes and we from the support team would be happy to assist You and to answer all Your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@lotteryhereos.com.

    Let us prove to You, that on our homepage everyone has the chance to win big and show You with our service and customer relationship, that You can trust us.

    We wish you good luck! 🙂

    Best regards,

  3. I received a message that one of my friends send me a free lottery ticket. Who can come up with a crap name like Lottery Heroes ? Sorry for those people that got scammed. If I can give a tip is to always do research on Google. Type the name + scam and you will see if it is legit or not.

  4. Well I’m glad I got to this point,I was seriously thinking of giving this a shot,glad I read the reviews 👍

    1. I have been a fool enough to place a bet on lottery heroes. The ticket that I have bought won 11 lines
      some includes bonuses guess what, I only got paid R3.50 I couldn’t believe it, up until I met this article. Now I understand And have learnt my lesson.

      1. Hi Lebza
        I also got scammed on lottery heroes recently. I bought a ticket for R290 which plays two draws a week and won several lines and bonuses but I only received R3.50 and R1.50 for each draw consecutively, I was shocked, I wish I had come to this website before playing this thing.

  5. hi
    I deposited R510 this morning hoping to get something out of it but everything just vanished.hoping to get it back

    1. Hawu njomane I’m busy looking for my card as we speak wanting to deposit ey it’s tempting though

  6. Thank you for sharing this great review I got a text from these people.

    People who are not familiar with online scammers it is good to expose these types of scams.

    Have heard of cryptocoinmax.com it is another scam

  7. I am reviewing Lottery Heroes and haven’t played yet! If there is anyone that has played yet, please let us know what happened and if there is anything of concern!

    1. Hi I’m a guy who robbed by this scammer and I deposit about R140.94 and R392.78 South African Rand and their date of result show are not the same.So guy’s out the please wash out with this scams. And I wish I could get my money back if the is a help.

      1. Hi and I forget another amount of which is R239.82 from those scams lotto heroes.

  8. Thanks a lot for your Information about Lottery Heroes. Its always very courageous to blog Information in the Internet about companies trying to get people’s Money with tricks.

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