DANGEROUS SCAM: Banner Code review

Banner Code reviewBe sure to read this review before potentially putting any money into the Banner Code program. It is presented by Greg Allen.

Banner Code promises a passive income thanks to online advertising. You are supposed to buy banners that will generate you $5,000 per day.

Can you make $150,000 that easily in a passive way?

The truth is that Banner Code is just one of many scams that are hiding behind online advertising. The proposition of this system doesn’t make any sense.

You have to have a website that has visitors, then you can sell advertising space to companies. That’s how advertising works. You cannot buy banners from somebody else and make money with them, it is a total nonsense.

Greg Allen is a scammer

Greg Allen is a scammerTo prove that Banner Code is a scam we show you the picture on the right. As you can clearly see, the alleged picture of the founder of this system Greg Allen is in fact a stock photo.

This is a typical feature of a scam, stock photos used to portray creators and/or satisfied customers. Speaking of customers…

Testimonials are fake

Banner Code testimonialsBanner Code’s website also shows a lot of testimonials. People are allegedly making tens of thousands of dollars with this system, but it is not true.

All the testimonials are fake, made with stolen photos of people who have no idea that their identity is being abused this way.

How it works

Banner Code is a simple scam, they will give you access to a dashboard that you are supposed to use to buy banners.

If you buy them, they won’t generate you a single cent and you will lose your entire investment.


Banner Code is total scam, the concept is a nonsense made to steal your money. Stay away from it!

If you want to make money online, you can try financial trading, starting on a free demo account.

But understand that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so don’t trade with real money unless you have a good strategy and know what you are doing.


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