DANGEROUS SCAM: Income Mentor Box review

Income Mentor BoxThis review proves that Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is a dirty scam.

Income Mentor Box is a program that is supposed to teach you how to trade profitably financial markets. You allegedly will learn how to make money in trading.

You will receive an e-book, training videos and become member of a trading group. The Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy costs $361.79.

Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy scam

Fake testimonialWe needed just a quick look to see that Income Mentor Box is a scam. No need to go into more details, one thing was enough for us.

The Income Mentor Box website is full of fake testimonials. You can see a proof on our picture. This man is a professional actor that anybody can hire for 5 dollars on Fiverr.

He is not a real client, nor he has made money with this program. The reviews are fake, fabricated with paid actors, therefore Income Mentor Box Day Trading Academy is a scam.

Illegal investment advice

How they get your moneyAnother important thing about Income Mentor Box is that it is an illegal investment advice service.

It is completely anonymous, you don’t even know who runs it and who is this supposedly experienced trader that is going to teach you how to risk your money.

It means that it is run by an entity that is not regulated, which makes it an illegal program in most countries. That’s a fact.


Income Mentor Box is an obvious scam and illegal service, stay away from it!

In trading you need to learn things and get experience to be able to trade profitably. You can start practicing on a free demo with a regulated broker.

And remember that trading always carries risks, you can make, but also lose money.

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4 thoughts on “DANGEROUS SCAM: Income Mentor Box review

  1. First i thought this guy wants to teach neewbies how to trade. But i am an experienced trader and i felt something is wrong with this guy. Then i saw the website and i thought OMG, SCAM SCAM SCAM.

    I was really dissapointed.

  2. Does not reply to emails and blocks you on youtube if you ask the wrong question even if you ask nicely. Enough for me.

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