DANGEROUS SCAM: InvestmentBeta review

Investment Beta's websiteThis review proves that Investment Beta is a crypto scam program made to lose your money.

InvestmentBeta is supposed to be a privately-owned company that is trading with cryptocurrencies, namely bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin.

It allegedly manages millions for institutional investors and now it also offers its services to the general public.

The offer is simple, they say they can double your crypto investment in seven days.

InvestmentBeta scam

No matter if it is high-frequency trading or anything else, when somebody promises to double your money every week for free, it is a scam, there is no other possibility. And when a company says about itself that it is not a Ponzi, you can be sure that something is wrong.

To be clear, no legit company can double your money every week, no matter the industry.

Not paying

Blockchain proofThe funny thing about Investment Beta is that they provide a proof that they are lying and not paying. They say they manage a lot of money and that they pay the profits, but you just have to check their wallets to see that they lie.

We checked their bitcoin wallet and there are only five transactions, the last from December 7. It means that the program is not working as they say.

Fake testimonials

Fake reviewsInvestment Beta is a scam, therefore they had to fabricate their testimonials. They did so by stealing photos of different people all over the internet.

As you can see on our picture, they took some photos from the Humans of New York website. These people are not clients of Investment Beta, they know nothing about it.

Illegal system

Fake US addressInvestmentBeta claims to be based in the USA. So, they need a licence to be authorized to provide investment services. But they don’t have any, it is an unregulated, therefore illegal investment service.

By the way, we are pretty sure that their US address is fake, they are not located there.

How it works

It seems that Investment Beta started as a Ponzi scheme, but it soon collapsed, since there have been no bitcoin payments for one month.

So, now it is just a black hole, every penny sent to this program will be lost forever.


Investment Beta is a scam, it won’t make you any money, stay away from it!

If you want to try real crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will see that it is not that easy to make money in trading, that you have a lot to learn.

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