Dangerous scam – Navstar Trader – review

Navstar Trader web siteThis review contains proofs about “Navstar Trader” being a binary options scam. It is presented by Ethan Harrington.

Harrington says that he has a binary options trading software that uses GPS technology to make huge profits in trading.

The software is called Navstar Trader and it allegedly is making more than 22 thousand dollars per day, or 900 dollars per hour.

And yes, you can get Navstar Trader for free.

Navstar Trader is a scam

Navstar Trader is in fact exactly the same fictitious story as presented by the GPS Trader scam. It uses the same dirty tricks. But this time we have a different actor. Yes, Ethan Harrington is a paid actor telling you a bogus story.

Why? Because he needs to convince you to deposit money with a selected broker. Because this is what earns affiliate commissions to the scammers, so their only aim is to make you deposit. If you then trade with the Navstar Trader software, you will lose your deposit. Simple as that.


TestimonialsOn the Navstar Trader web page you can see some testimonials of alleged real users of the software. But they are fake.

Scammers used stolen photos with fake stories.

Look at the picture, this photo in reality belongs to an Italian journalist.


Social accountSome testimonials are also presented on the Facebook account. They are of course fake too, but the other interesting thing is the clear Nesdek scam link.

As you can see on the picture they used an image showing the other scam. So they probably forgot that this time they are promoting a different scam.

Navstar Trader software

Navstar Trader softwareNow let’s talk about the Navstar app that is supposed to make you so much money. It is in fact a piece of software used by scammers only. It starts with a fake trade designed to make you believe that you earned some money.

But it is virtual reality, after the first trade you are redirected to a deposit page where you can see that your balance is zero.

This same software has been used by other scams like Cash Camp or Disrupt Trading. It loses money to its users. We have a lot of feedback about it.


Navstar Trader is an ordinary scam that abuses binary options to take money away from you.

If you want to see how binary options really work and how you can make money in trading, try a free demo account.

There you’ll see what you have to learn to achieve real and sustainable profits.

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12 thoughts on “Dangerous scam – Navstar Trader – review

  1. I received an email from dolphintrader.com which had a Navstar link in it. Listened to the video, didn’t believe it but thought let me follow and see what’s going to happen. That then led me to Banc De Binary. Everything Navstar is say in there video makes nor sense. They are saying that Navstar will be preloaded on my platform when I sign up and fund my account. With the good reputation Banc De Binary has, why would they be involved with Navstar? What to do now???? Sign up with Banc De Binary and not use the Navstar????

    1. Over the time we have received several complaints about Banc de Binary, mainly about how they push you to deposit more and more and eventually invest with their managers who make you lose money with their advice.

  2. I am a professional private trader and have been working on automation for the futures and US stock market for over 7 years. The Navastar website, and everything about it is a 100% SCAM. They are not regulated in the US, and could not even provide a call back number to me when I asked for it. They also provided an ‘in-house’ referral live person who had been using the software for over 5 days, but not making the GUARANTEED $22,000 per day as advertised by the fake paid actor Ethan Harrington on the web video. When pushed, they had to admit that people that make that kind of money start with $10,000, which is where the SCAM was exposed. DO NOT send money to them, and DO NOT believe this pile of crap on the internet, as they are all liars and will steal your hard earned money.

  3. Thanks,

    Can you suggest a good binary options signal service or auto trader for Indian trader like me.

        1. I am saying that so far I haven’t seen any honest and profitable binary options robot or signal service.

  4. I am so glad that I read the comments on Navstar Trader as Ethan Harrington makes a good show getting people to deposit money into his broker account. I can’t afford to lose money although I must say what Ethan says can surely get people to join without their knowledge that it is a scam.

  5. Thanks. Got an email from this guy (among at least 20 others over the last six months).

    This time I started answering with a fable about my Project of building a Lamborghini that can ride and fly over 120 km on 1 liter compressed hydrogen. All eventually with the total cost of an VW polo.

    I ended it with the message that I am president of Kazachstan and also his father.

    Just to show him that every one can type whatever they want. That doesnt make it real.

    I wished that I could track those IP adresses of theirs to the end, or beginning. I would enjoy the idea to spook those m0thur fakkers with information about their location of which they think nobody can know.

    These guys awaken a bit of sadisme and hate in me that normally only awakens when I have to deal with a rapist.

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