Dangerous scam: Profit Multiplier by Jeff Ballard

Profit Multiplier scam
Saturday trades… Impossible.

In this review we are going to have a look at a binary options scam called the “Profit Multiplier” presented by Jeff Ballard.

The scheme is the same as with other scams. Ballard says that he has an automated binary options trading system that will make you thousands of dollars per day. And you are the luckiest person ever, because he will give it to you for free.

For free, really? Of course not. Ballard is a binary options affiliate, so in order to use the Profit Multiplier, you will have to open a trading account with his broker and deposit at least $250. This is the price you will pay. And if you then let the Profit Multiplier trade your account, you will lose your deposit.

By the way, how can Ballard promise a 98 % wining rate? This is the funny part, because his trading secret is “trade less, win more”. Hm, really a robust trading system, this guy must be a genius. OK, enough laughing, now let’s get to the proof that the Profit Multiplier is a scam.

On their web site you can see so called live trades, but look at the dates, we opened it on a Saturday and the trades were still flying in. But as every binary options trader knows, markets are closed during weekends, so you cannot trade binary options on a Saturday. This proves that the live trades and the whole Profit Multiplier is a scam. Ther rest are just fake reviews with paid actors etc.

Let us remind the reality. There are no free automated trading systems that can make you money on binary options. There is no free money. If you want to make profits with binary options, you have to learn and trade yourself.

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