Dangerous scam: The Amissio Formula

In this review we are going to have a look at a brand new binary options scam called “The Amissio Formula”. It is presented by Craig Phillips, founder and CEO of Amissio Holdings.

What is it about

Amissio FormulaPhillips claims that eight years ago he quit as senior trading supervisor at one of the top investment banks in the world taking with him four of their best traders and together they created the AmissioFormula.

According to Phillips the Amissio Formula is a no loss trading software that hasn’t had a single losing trade in the last two years. And it generates between $50,000 and $200,000 per week to each user in trading binary options.

This software allegedly made millionaire every tester from the 2014 beta testers group. And now you can get free access to it too, because they are opening doors for a new group of 50 more people.

The Amissio Formula scam

Craig Phillips is a paid actor and the Amissio Formula is a scam abusing binary options. Let’s see the proofs.

Amissio Holdings

Craig PhillipsPhillips says that he started his own company Amissio Holdings in 2008, but we could not find any company of that name in the United States.

The only Amission Holdings that we could find is a company registered in Cyprus from 2010. And it is not an investment company, so this company cannot legally trade binary options.

Fake trading demo

pressIn the video Phillips shows an allegedly live trading session when he deposits money in his trading account. To prove that the video has not been faked, he shows The New York Times web site from that day (February 24).

But the problem is that on The New York Times web site you can see an article published in the afternoon, meanwhile the Amissio Formula trading app shows a morning time. So a fake.

Fake account statement

statementIn the video Phillips shows his supposedly new account growing from the initial deposit of $250 to $6750 in just one day.

But the problem is that the Amissio Formula app shows profits of $6750, so together with the initial deposit the final balance on the trading account should be $7000 (6750 + 250).

So it is obvious that the statement was faked, scammers obviously still don’t have a clue about how binary options trading work.

The Amissio Formula trading app

Amissio Formula AppAnd here is the best proof that we are facing a scam. The real Amissio Formula app is in fact the most used app by binary options scammers.

Look at the picture on the right, it has been used in many scams like Tauribot or Medallion. Every time they just change colors and the logo.

All the scams that used this app made people lose money, we have a lot of feedback on that in discussions under our reviews.

(Don’t) put away your credit card

The usual lie that scammers use is about their system being free, the Amissio Formula is no different. They always say: Put away your credit card, put away your wallet. But in reality the first thing you will have to do after you sign up is to deposit at least $250 with their broker.

So you have to invest your money, otherwise you won’t get access. And if you do it, the Amissio Formula will lose your deposit in trading. But scammers will get paid by their broker for bringing in a new client…


The Amissio Formula is another scam that is hurting the reputation of binary options. And this is sad.

If you want to see how binary options trading really work and how money can be made with binary options, try a free demo. Then you’ll see what is it about and what you have to learn in order to be profitable.

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17 thoughts on “Dangerous scam: The Amissio Formula

  1. If their system was that infallible why would they share it? In any case the unless somebody loses no-one can gain. Any gain from binary options comes from the losses of other players, there is no wealth generated , only redistributed

  2. People don t think that in the your you gone make money easy like this,they will make money on our stupidity thinking.Wake up people and go to work and better invest this money on you than make another people to be rich.Remember something, when you will that some goods or money come easy to you from a system or a person than there is something dodgie,don t forget this.all the best

  3. I signed and deposit $250, after few lost trades I tried to stop auto trade but couldn’t. the webpage keep on auto trade open many trades until I lost that money. It is 30% win ratio. Big SCAM in options. A guy name Aldo from call me from this SCAMMER software gang to get my credit card detail. I refused and told him I quit this BIG SCAMMER software gang with lost.

  4. Thank you for your comments and this website. You saved me. Soon after I registered for an account I received a call from UK. The guy said he wants to deposit for me 250 $ in the new Amissio Account, but I asked for the 1.000 $ bonus they promised in the advertising E-Mail. He did’t know about and wanted my credit card number, I got suspicious, got a bad feeling, thought of internet crime and broke up the call. What’s the catch, nobody has anything to give away. Then I googled Amissio and found this. Next time the first thing to do is to google the names. Thank You!

  5. Thank you for saving me. Really appreciated. Before this, i had 3 bad experiences with the scam like amissio formula. Loss my money around $ 1000. Again, thank you thank you and thank you so much.

  6. Thank you ever so much..he’s an actor, that’s hilarious.
    The emails that I have been getting claim to be from Centument LTD, if you reference them they come up as 100% legit and highly recommended. Then when you click the link, son of a gun, there’s that damn actor trying to get your last 250 or the 250 you borrowed and give it to his Amissio Formula team with promises of grandeur.
    Maybe you can get word to Gerald Reed, founder of Centument LTD. and he can use some of his vast wealth to sue their ass.
    Hopefully someday I will see him on the street and have the pleasure of telling him what a horrible soul he is. Again..thank you for the heads up.

  7. Thank’s it is very useful opinion. My fear grow when someone show 100% wins in binary options – it is always scam.

  8. I’ve been e mailed by six different people, trying to get me to invest in the Amissio Formula. I’ve tried sending them
    an e mail telling them I’m not interested but they don’t seem to be getting them.
    I think that people pedalling this kind of software, which they already know are scams, should be ashamed of themselves. I’m very ill with a terminal illness and just want to find a way of making a little bit extra money to help pay for medical bills, etc. I’m don’t need this kind of stress in my life.

    I’m so pleased there are people like you who are there to warn newbie traders, like myself about this dangerous software.
    ‘thank you,

  9. I have signed up with them just few hours ago and I face eaxactly what “Janaya E” in above comment…

    I tried to contact them by email (both Amissioformula support team and the Binarybook (the broker) but no response at all…

    My advise for anyone: KEEP AWAY

    Thank you John for saving us….

  10. Not to Mention, I never got a call back that Ian guy. Both numbers I received are non-working numbers. You can always reach out to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and report these assholes!

  11. As soon as I registered for an account with Amissio I shortly after received a phone call from a guy named Ian. His number was +44 2037699599. He tried to get me to deposit $5000 and I told him that I did not have that kind of money. He kept going down in price until he got $350. Now on the video it says that you can deposit $250, and that’s what I had, but Ian $350 was the lowest I could deposit. So I told him that I would try to reach out to a family member who can loan me the money. I asked him if there was a number that I could call him back at. The number he had gave me was 1-866-895-4576. Unfortunately I was unable to get the money from a relative, so when Ian gave me a call from the number +44 2037699599, I explained my situation to him and he just instantly hung up in my face. So I tried the number he gave me to call back which was the 1-866-895-4576 number and I got recording saying, “You don’t have enough credits to complete this call.” I would definitely say that this is BS! Don’t even waste your time or money! I’m glad I didn’t give them a dime!

  12. I haven’t tried this but just been scammed in a big way by insideoption BEWARE

  13. I have suffered from the scam that is amissio and the $250au is really $250us. which is $350au. I have no been able to find a return Email or support phone number. SO be careful people. I have learnt a painful lesson. I read your report too late but I will be very careful next time.
    I am going to contact my bank tomorrow and see if I can find an ombudsman to track them down,.

  14. Thankyou so much. I can not aford to loose $250.00 . I just had lung surgery and have not worked sense Dec. 20th. I am desperate and so glad this review was here.
    Thanks again

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