Dangerous scam: The Aussie Method of Jake Pertu

Jake Pertu and The Aussie Method

This review is a warning about a new binary options scam called “The Aussie Method”. It is presented by Jake Pertu.

Pertu promises that he will soon make you a Millionaire. The first month you are supposed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars with The Aussie Method. If not, Pertu guarantees that he will pay you $10,000 out of his pocket.

But it is a scam. We’ve already received several complaints from traders who lost their money and got nothing in return.

Jake Pertu

Let’s first have look at this guy. His photo comes from a public database, so we have every reason to believe that it is a fake profile. Pertu offers a personal guarantee, but he provides a fake profile and no contact information. His guarantee is obviously not real. And all the account statements are fake.

The Aussie Method

Scammers usually make the effort and make up some stories about how they got an incredible binary options trading system that they will share with you for free. But Pertu with his Aussie Method was lazy and does not even try to explain what his holy grail is and how he got it.

But he uses the typical lie that everything is free. It is not, you will not be able to use his system until you open a binary options trading account and deposit at least $250. This is what you are going to risk and lose.

Because Pertu is just a binary option affiliate, he will make money each time he refers a new trader to his broker, this is why he is doing it. You will then lose your deposit and you will never be able to contact him for his guarantee, this is how it works. If you have doubts, read the Disclaimer on his page, there are no guarantees whatsoever.

Jake Mason and The Canuck Method

Our readers are reporting that that this scam has been renamed to “The Canuck Method” by Jake Mason. The basis remains the same, so stay away from it.

The Brit Way and The Malay Way

Another name of this scam that is now promoted also in Britain is “The Brit Way”. And there is also another clone called The Malay Way by Jake Shen. It is basically the same thing.


The Aussie Method is a poor scam that will make you lose money. We repeat it each and every time, binary options are a legitimate trading tool that can make you money, but you have to be aware of the risks and learn how to trade. Anybody promising you free money on binary options without learning is a scammer.

You can try binary options trading for free on a demo absolutely risk free and see how it goes for you.

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82 thoughts on “Dangerous scam: The Aussie Method of Jake Pertu

  1. I fell for this Con and $500. Seems there is no way you can retrieve this money. Lesson learnt.

  2. I have just been subjected to Jake Pertu and the incessant drivel that pours from the Aussiemethod.
    The domain was served from an IPv4 address which is on a subnet of the CloudFlare ISP based on San Francisco California. I have been reading about the CEO of Amazon being worth a ridiculous some of money.
    Perhaps not surprising that the original email and Advertisement came from an Amazon based IPv4 address 52.62.62 .217. Whoever is responsible for this has been fraudulently peddling this crap for years, I have to ask how can this be so? – There are literally dozens of people who have lost money and Jake Pertu has never stumped up the 10K he promises.

  3. They tried to get me today. When I said that it sounds like a great system. Give me a couple of days to do a bit of research on your company they really ramped up the pressure for my credit card details. It got to a point that I just ended up saying ” well now you’re just being rude. I’m going to hang up now. Bye” .

  4. I was listening to all the promise to hard to believe yep did a google search while the promises were still coming.Thanks guys for saving me too. SEEK should remove this from there website when everyone is looking for a genuine job this should not be on seek as thousands looking for work everyday. Thanks for the heads up. Aileen

  5. I signed up for an account then got a call from a Michael. I told him I had no questions at this time as I wanted to look into it further. He asked the personal questions such as your age and occupation and when I responded by saying I worked for the federal government he didn’t push me to do anything and not to bet any money until I had spoken to a broker and understood what I was doing and he would call next week. I then started googling and here you go – scam as suspected. I received emails from Jake Pertu and WMoptions and responded back advising to deactivate my account as I am aware they are a scam but both emails came back undeliverable. I always research and encourage others to do so too. I’m sorry for those of you who trusted these scammers and have lost lots of money – my heart goes out to you. I am glad I did not fall for it and maybe it scared him. I will wait for his next call but I don’t believe I will get it – if I do I am confident the call won’t last long

  6. As I was listening to him do his spiel, I was not convinced so I decided to check it out, I am glad that I did, there are so many of these shonky mongrels out there trying to relieve people of their hard earned money !!

  7. I got this email yesterday about ” The Norwegian metod” and the text were in Norwegian(Google translated). It told me that I probably had some money on an account, so if I clicked on a green button I would come to a site to get connected. I tried this to see what happens, and then I came to this site: freemoneysystem.xyz/norwegianmethod/?qze=54&hitid=10258c5f1655e915e9e6fb4abdf76a&saf=&cvu=&disc=
    – wich is exactly the same metod that others have written about here! So – look out, folks!!

    From: info@prefernewvolt.com
    Sent: 22. august 2016 15:09
    To: (my email)
    Subject: you have money in your account

    you’ve probably 12,349.50 in your account!
    We pray to remind you that you have money outstanding on your account go to the website to verify your email address and access your account for withdrawal.

    1. Yeah, Norvegian Method or Den Norske Metoden is just one of many mutations of this scam… 🙁

      1. Seems I am one of those stupid people, I have joined the aussie method and they have $6,600 of my money, some already invested in trades which expire on the 31.st august, I have spoken to my agent, Kylie Anderson a couple of time now and she seemed genuine. I have not been able to verify my account even after sending my visa card, drivers license and utility bill, they say they cant read it. So now my worry is will I be able to withdraw any money? I feel sick right now…That money was the last of what I had for my retirement. I usually do more research, Obviously they got me at a vulnerable time

        1. Sorry to hear. I hope this has since been resolved for you. I have a girl called Billy trying to get my money. I was about to deposit the funds into an account for them to withdraw and begin this ‘too good to be true’ fake process but thought I’d check out ‘real’ reviews first. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment. My broker Billy sounded so genuine also…so caring, considerate. Having said that, she sounds either Malaysian or Phillipino…yet states that she was brought up in the US to Russian parents and is now living in Scotland. None of it resonated with me. Let us know how you go Josette….and trust in the Universe, what goes around, comes around. I’m sure you’ll find abundance elsewhere…with faith in your ability to create it!

  8. I actually got that link from a Youtube page, I was looking for a way to acivate my malwarebytes and this link was in the details section * guys and girls believe the other perople that are on here. So my advice is to search the name and find out what comes up

  9. These fraudsters are really polishing their skills in enticing you with their sweeteners. Basically they claim that you do not have to do or know anything and still get a windfall. They lure you with a ‘diificult’ option warning that you cannot participate in their scheme if you are uncomfortable staying in 5-stars hotel ! They can almost hear you screaming, ” I would be comfortable no worries”.
    They are aware that every minute there is a sucker born so their pool of victims appear bottomless.
    Even more credible salesman like James Altucher Report will entice you with $49 annual subscription and then once you sign up more subscriptions are required for more rabbit holes for you to get into.

  10. So many butthurt people who aren’t internet savvy, 15 minutes and I was able to find out who is behind these binary option scams and the ‘Jake Pertu’ persona. . . Man Phuah of TAMAN PERMAI KUALA LIPIS PAHANG 27200 Malaysia Phone number +1.0149049713 possibly but not certain the same Man who works for Kabinet Tv Megatech in the same city, if the number above does not work because it is just a throwaway so he could register the domain, his business number plastered all over kabinet tv megatech is sure to work (that’s if it is the same person, address matches up but would prefer a Malaysian local to clarify that for me. This scam has not affected me in the slightest because I am not a dipshit, Jst thought I’d give you guys the info to rip this idiot a new asshole. Peace out guys and have fun with the info!

  11. I wasn’t aware of this scam until I got fail to deliver notices by email. Seems this mob have been sending out email promotinf their scam to people in my address book and in my name! I don ‘t know how many people have got them!

    1. Yeah, but Ella, I made a billion dollars from a coupon that fell out of a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes packet! A billion dollars. If you give me $250, I’ll buy a few more boxes and find one for you. If that fails I’ll give you 10,000 cornflakes! Premise!

  12. We are private news organization that investigate potential scams and expose them. Our organization has access to broadcast to 16 million viewers on television.

    We noticed on the initial video that the testimonials are fake. The video testimonial actors were hired from fraud website called fiverr.

    Once we saw that we knew this was fake.

    This is the type of fraud that should be shut down. Nobody knows who is behind it. The picture of ‘Jake Pertu’ is a stock photo.

  13. Report his phone number as a scam google the phone number sent to me from Com/NAB Banks supposedly ice reported it onto this website along with others he tried to scam

  14. If you look at the name of PETRU it’s a classic Romanian name !
    Coming from that part of the world these people are on Internet for only one reason ! No prices for guessing what ? I’ll bet he’s a Romanian gipsy ! Nothing bus scammers throughout the history ! And nothing is EVERgoing to change as that’s what they are ! What a goose could have used any name , and he though he was clever

  15. There’s now the Kiwi Method, listened & listened & was getting tired of the FREE GUARANTEED crap, too good to be true plus wondered why there was a Jake Pertu & a Jake Mason & no contact details, thanks for the information on this bad man!!

  16. i made an account with it didn’t do anything then searched it up and realised it was a scam>’

  17. what happens if you made an account with that website after you realised it was a scam page.

  18. i found something called the singapore method also by jake shen…and the face was found on another website called domar companies.

  19. Every day Aussie method send me a mensage yahoo mail, that i won $6950, and i have 12 hours to claim it but my antivirus stop me from opening this mensage. Aussie take $250 US from my credit card but refuse to put it back when i saw that was a scam.

  20. I want $10000 up front Perdu, Ill give it back if I make hundreds of thousands of dollars lol

  21. There’s a Malaysian one called The Malay Method, presented by surprise surprise, Jake Shen.


  23. He says at the start of his video that this is not going to cost me a thing then he goes on to say that they will start your account with $ 250 and then they ask for your credit card details, People These guys are shonks

  24. I meant “at no time ever sent him”, in the 2nd sentence of my original
    posting. Apologies for my typo

  25. This guy is a total asshole, spammer, scammer and pest. He keeps sending me purported “receipts” for money that I have at no time ever sent me. Run from this guy to the edge of the universe !

  26. This Jake Pertu is a joke, he should be put in gaol…these Aussie method ads keep coming to me – I’ve even been threatened – told that all my money will be taken out of my bank if I don’t sign up with these pricks, the police have a copy of that email.


  28. good to know that this is fake. but really, if someone tell me that, I will be suspicious, after all is too good to be true.

  29. As always NOBODY gives something for nothing I was one of the lucky 20 to be picked but as soon as the credit card details request came SCAM SCAM SCAM.
    Jake Pertu is a vial criminal.

    DON’ T get sucked in.

  30. Good to read reviews first before acting! Lots of people are desperate and these idiots thrive on that and take you for a sucker! To all that exposes these scams well done!

  31. This is now called The Brit Way. Trying it out in Uk! Be warned, check out on Wiki first and check reviews before participating.

  32. yes jake perro your a piece of crap im going about my buisness and boom your stupid message show up i watch that * and nearly died of bordom so you dirty perro are should i say jack ass keep you stupid money a * off. plus your thing is fake you piece of *

  33. Agree, too good to be true then it is without a doubt. I googled to check out scam info as you have kindly and honestly displayed here. Thanks team, well done and kudos to you all. Great job! Thankful, I never succumbed to this scam! Thanks again!

  34. Yes they are scammers. If you see in most of the websites is the same video. and all this comes around advertises like bidvertiser and lifestreet media. They are all the same. Scammers.

  35. this scam artist is a pain is the arse. One more email from this creep and I will respond with some very nasty comments from this mongrel.



    3. Jake if your so real contact me directly and give me that $10000

  36. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Too easy!

    My experience, below…

    In my case I was doing some online research. From the wisegeek.com website, I noticed a sponsored link that caught my eye. “2 Veggies that destroy stomach fat”. Sounds interesting, so I followed it. The link took me to The Aussie Method promotion page. WARNING SIGN #1.

    I watched the presentation. Very polished. Curious to learn more about this scam, I registered my contact information. Minutes later, I received a call from George Abed-alkarim, allegedly a broker from RP Options (Ontario).

    George, began the conversation by taking down some additional information, age, nationality, occupation… (Nothing too personal) He then launched into his pitch about investment options. The general theme was that the more I invested, the better my returns would be. (he seemed to play on an assumption that I was desperate and greedy). He strongly suggested that for the best returns, my starting investment should be $10,000~$100,000 . Somewhat different from the $250 that was promoted on the Aussie Method site. WARNING SIGN #2.

    I then asked about the $10,000 money back guarantee that was mentioned on The Aussie Method site. I wanted to know how this worked. Who would I contact in the event that I wished to redeem it. (The Aussie Method website was void of this information).

    George didn’t seem to be aware of this offer. He responded by saying that there are no guarantees in life, and attempted to put it back on me. “Would you be prepared to give away $10,000 to a complete stranger, for no apparent reason”. Good point. WARNING SIGN #3.

    Then he added a sweetener. If I were prepared to open a trading account and deposit $10,000, he would match it with an additional $10,000. WARNING SIGN #4.

    I said that I still needed to do some more research before committing to anything. At this point he began the hard sell. Explaining that he was very good at what he does, and that he was only prepared to work with serious investors that were committed to making money. He added that lots of money was being lost with each minute wasted. I needed to act fast. WARNING SIGN #5.

    At this juncture, I began to close the conversation. I rejected George’s offer for a follow up call, and suggested that he send me an email to which I would reply. Moments later, I received an email from George.

    While writing this post, I received another email from a Jake Loan, reportedly a Financial Advisor from Option Rally optionrally.com wanting to assist me in activating my trading account… Jake also tried to call me from a Switzerland number, +41 445 083 025…

    Although connected, I suspect that George and Jake are part of a legitimate businesses, (still to be proven). Perhaps the real sharks are the individuals behind The Aussie Method and The Cannuck Method. (as per the article).

    @ Cuntface (unfortunate name) I hope you’re successful in taking down the website. I look forward to reading the update.

    For those of you, still considering a charitable donation to The Aussie Method or The Cannuck Method. THINK AGAIN. If Pedro finds out, you may be missing a few essential body parts. This should be deterrent enough.

    PS. Mental note, don’t upset Pedro…

  37. Jake Pertu is now Jake Mason of The Cannuck Method. Using the same people as in The Aussie Method. Strange how none of the accents of testimonials in The Aussie Method are Australian!

  38. when u find the p*ick,..take his left teste for me!!!!! ( and any one who is desperate enuff to take the coc*heads speel) Did not partake in this p*icks scam but watched his presentation for laughs. Then googled it and found nuthin but negative vibes….how dare this co*k masquerades under “Aussie”

    1. AGREE COMPLETELY, everything in his presentation is American! except the person that’s talkings, accent, as we know there is no Jake Pertu. Did you notice all the “actors” praising his spiel in their homes via Video link, who apparently had hundreds of thousands of dollars, not one of them had a nice home/ apartment etc. So fucking see thru. And i’m sick to fucking death of getting these emails. Most of mine come in a email from someone else and don’t go to spam. Sorry, rambling. Just pisses me off.

  39. He almost got me but what alerted me was no credit card needed just your $250 uh huh not !!! I don’t think so !!!!

    1. This type of scam got my elderly father (89) who grew up in a trusting era. The scammers are very smooth, spoke very well, are pleasant and plausible. They rang him regularly and became his ‘friend’, ! They will put their (fake)money in (their fake computer program) at first to match your trades and it will return and let you have (fake) wins and let your funds build up in their (fake) binary computer program. If you want to withdraw they talk you into one more trade. If you don’t trade they have some excuse that you cant have everything in your account. So don’t even try it. You will NOTt get your money back. They will lull you into a false sense of security… but they will try and talk you into investing more of your money into a trade that is a ‘certainty’ to give a greater return ( into their pocket – not yours). They even talked my father into using his CREDIT CARD, money he didn’t have and he told them he was on the pension. Then, when they know they have bled you dry or you are ready to withdraw the (phony) funds that show in your account… that last trade will FAIL and you can kiss your money goodbye. My Father can’t believe that a person who asked to be trusted and knew his financial position could be so cruel and ruthless and pretend to be a so sincere. Now he has a $12,000 debt to pay off!! One would hope that one day, somehow that these dishonorable thieves get their just deserves and writhe in pain and fully understand they pain they inflict on their victims and their families.

      1. I’m so sorry to hear your father’s story. It’s just not FAIR! Ok, for younger people we become cautious about these scams. You father like many older people out there do trust things like this & like you said, talked into it and they can be so pushy. Just wanted to tell you i’m sorry to hear what happened.

  40. Don’t worry… already got trackers hunting the developers down who created this website.
    It won’t be long folks… please close the browser as soon as you see this website.

    1. Really he is still going you posted in december 2015 and now is may 216 yep wont be long before you do what ever you going to do lol …umm your not doing anything ohh wait your a scam to lol

      1. I just got this sent via txt still going this cun*s fu*ked
        Sent from CommNAB
        Welcome to the new age of money making. Now, seriously, anyone can do it. Check it out for yourself: bit.ly/1SR7KRl

        ( STOP to 0409739144 )

    2. So whats happening Cunface have you tracked him down jet???? I would like to see websites like these not to pop up on my computer anymore.

  41. He sounds quite stupid for seemingly smart guy , picked a name much like Romanian drug dealer , not binary wiz, and could have used a pix of a sexy woman getting out of a fancy car on the RIGHT side of the car for Australia ! You goose !
    One can see theirs NQR just observing the pix he put up !
    Internet full of keyboard COWARDS !

  42. I just seen the same “ad” pop up on my computer, but it was the “canuck” method (I am in canada), not the Aussie method. The profile picture was the same. In fact i found this site by doing a image search of his picture in the ad. In the “canuck” method ad though, his name was Jake Mason not Jake Pertu

    1. Sh*t. You left amessage if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. Good to hear. Like to here from you Geoff

  43. Sir: I have listen to Jake Pertu’s presentation and quite believable but when he required prospect to put a deposit of $250 into an account, then I was turn off with the proposal and I began to suspect that this is a scam. Thank you for warning us.

    1. I was about to do this and then decided to look up his name I’m so thankful we have people to warn others of these people I believe the belong in jail like any other thief

      1. Same. I’m not usually the type of person that goes after quick money makers.
        At times we do find ourselves in deeply desperate situations that we become tired to even think clearly.
        Thankfully I didn’t go further then listening.
        Did you find it interested that he highlighted, “I never paid the $10,000” not once? that is probably the only truth in his spill

    1. They want you to invest in US dollars but I am in Sydney Australia why should I buy in US?. It get’s better I get a call from a chick with a Filipino accent claiming that she is calling from London but she doesn’t know which part of London (I grew up there and know it well).. My phone tells me she is calling from Melbourne Australia? The worst part is that the chick keeps telling me to trust her (now why would I do that).. Does that sound like someone you want to give money to let alone your bank account details..

    2. I keep getting calls from the broker 72 option, that the aussie method is using as their brokerage and they wont leave me alone, i’ve told them to delete my account but they keep hassling me, telling me they are ringing to help set up my account. they don’t listen to anything you say, very untrustworthy. they’ve called me repeatedly for 3 days now. i’ve been ignoring their calls. ive tried to delete my account with the aussie method and i haven’t found out how.

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