DANGEROUS SOFTWARE: Automated Crypto System review

Automated Crypto Software official websiteIn this review we explain why you should not use the Automated Crypto System for your trading.

Automated Crypto System is, as its name suggests, a trading robot, that can trade on autopilot for you. It trades not only with cryptocurrencies, but also traditional Forex currency pairs.

The robot allegedly is profitable even in the automatic mode and it is free. Can this free robot can really make you money?

Automated Crypto System is fishy

Unlikely featuresFirst of all, how probable is that a free software generates money? What sense would it make? What is the motivation behind it?

All these right questions obviously lead to a probable conclusion that Automated Crypto System won’t make you any money. If free robots were profitable, nobody would be working, and the economy would collapse. That’s just common sense.

Illegal robot

Cannot trust itWe say it all the time, when a software is supposed to trade on your behalf and make you money, it is a service that is considered as investment advice in most countries and it has to have a licence from national regulators in every country it is targeting.

But Automated Crypto System has no licence whatsoever, it allegedly is provided by a company from Vanuatu, which makes it pretty much anonymous. It is not regulated, therefore the software is illegal in most countries.

You have a lot to lose

You have to deposit firstYou have to realize that Automated Crypto System is not really free. Because even if you don’t have to pay for the software itself, you won’t be allowed to use it until you deposit at least $250 with a broker that you cannot chose.

In other words, you will be forced to immediately let it trade with real money, so if it is not profitable, you will immediately be losing your own money!

The truth

We can easily see the real motivation behind Automated Crypto System. People who created get paid by the brokers for referring new depositing clients. This is why they won’t let you try the system on a demo account, that would not earn them anything. And you would also see what the real results are.

Should Automated Crypto System be really profitable and free, they would let you try it on a demo to verify that it works, right?


Automated Crypto System is a shady and dangerous software, because it wants you to let it immediately trade with real money, while there is no proof that it is profitable. Stay away from it!

Prior to investing real money, you should always verify every strategy and trading idea on a demo account so that you don’t risk anything.

You first have to verify in tests that your strategy is working, only then you can use it for real trading.

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