DARING SCAM: Automata Formula review

automata formulaThis review of Automata Formula proves that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by George Coleman.

Coleman claims to be a former Wells Fargo trader. He allegedly created the Automata Formula, which is a binary options trading software that can generate you $950 per hour. And you don’t need to learn anything, because the software works on autopilot.

And as usually we review only free millionaires programs, so Automata Formula is free. Allegedly today is the last day, but it will of course be free forever, because it is a scam.

Automata Formula scam

Automata Formula is a scam that will not earn you any money. In fact the opposite will happen, it will lose your own money.

George Coleman

george-colemanGeorge Coleman is a scam artist. In fact it is not the real name of the guy you see in the video presentation. This man is a professional binary options scammer.

We have seen him playing the main role in several scams. For example in the Orion Code he called himself Edward Robinson. Or in the Amissio Formula he called himself Craig Phillips.

This guy is a true criminal, he is scamming people on a massive scale. Look at the picture to see the proof.

The software

automata-formula-softwareWe tested the Automata Formula software to see what scammers came up with this time. And it is nothing new. What we saw is an app developed and offered exclusively by scammers only.

Look at the picture on the right, you will see some other scams that use this same software, like Optical Signal Trader or Multiplexer.

This software is losing money of real users, we have a lot of feedback about it.

Testimonials and reviews

testimonialIn the Automata Formula video you can see some testimonials. People are claiming that they make money with this program.

But they are all fake. All you can see are paid actors reading a script. All the bank and trading account screenshots were faked too. Everything you hear in the Automata video is a lie. Again, look at the picture to see a proof.

How it really works

Coleman is often speaking about scammers, but he is just one of them. People who created the Automata Formula are affiliated with an unregulated broker that pays them for referring new depositing clients.

So the first thing you will have to do after signing up is to deposit money with a broker that will be forced upon you. This way scammers earn their affiliate commission.

And when you finally start trading with Automata Formula, you will notice that it is losing your money. But then it will be too late.


Automata Formula is a simple scam that will lose your money if you use the software for trading.

Binary options work in a different way. In order to really make money you have to start on a free demo and learn how to trade profitably. Only then you can start investing real money for real profits.

And forget about free money making programs, they don’t exist!

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