DARING SCAM: Bitcoin Investor review

Bitcoin Investor websiteThis review shows that Bitcoin Investor is a scam that can only lose your money.

The Bitcoin Investor website doesn’t say much about this program, but it invites you to create an account and start trading Bitcoin.

What exactly is the Bitcoin Investor trading solution, is not clear, however they promise it will make you $2,200 per day. Is it really possible?

Bitcoin Investor scam

The truth is that Bitcoin Investor is a scam made to take your money and lose it, while scammers will earn a commission for ensuring that this does happen.

We wanted to test the trading solution, but it was impossible, there may not even be one. Because what happens when you register, is that you are sent to a deposit page of a broker, nothing else.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are fakeOne thing that proves that Bitcoin Investor is a scam is testimonials. They are fake made with stolen photos.

Not only that, the same photos are used also in the German version of this scam, but with different names. See the proof on our picture.

How it really works

You have to deposit in order to loseIt’s clear that Bitcoin Investor works just like any other investment scam out there. When you sign up for this program, you will be pushed to deposit with 365 Markets, which is an unregulated broker.

The reason for this is that people who run Bitcoin Investor are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors. This is how they earn money.

Whatever trading system they will give you, will make you lose money.


Bitcoin Investor is a scam that is made to make money to scammers and lose yours. Stay away from it!

If you really want to try cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker, risk free.

Before you can start investing real money, you have a lot to learn and understand.

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8 thoughts on “DARING SCAM: Bitcoin Investor review

  1. I to have been scammed by 365 marketa they took me for $6000 new zealand and they dont return emails calls and have no intention whay so ever of returning my money. I used them because thats what came up when you register after watching it on local tv breakfast show and how easy they made money

  2. I have very recently committed £250 to 365 Markets and I fear I will not be seeing that money again.
    Foolishly I only began checking on 365M after I’d committed the money…..which is definitely not me !
    I found from the F.C.A. that they are unregistered/not licensed.
    I have since read at least 50 reviews about 365M posted on different sites on the internet and every single one is having great difficulty accessing their money and many consider 365M to be running a scam.
    One solution is for a reputable Trader/Broker like “TheBestOptionBrokers.net” to collate all these complaints against 365M and present the complete file of complaints to the Serious Fraud Office. Just a suggestion

  3. I have just lost 5700 pounds from them taking my money without me realising from my account. this money was for my disabled daughter. I feel sick

  4. Hi I have accepted I have been conned out of $250. I only went with 365market I read the dragon den article but I now Know there is no truth in it. I got pressure to increase my investment from day 1 and they even tried to get me to divulge my security numbers off my bank card to them. The best thing you can do is tell them not to ring you no more.

  5. Hi I just want to now is 365markets a scam because I do fill in my details they call me but I’m afraid they are going to steal my money when I fill in my bank details

  6. Hi
    Thanks everyone for your comments and efforts, you have helped me and others save money.
    I am new to crypto only a few months now. I heard about one of the people in the program series Dragons den on BBC2 asking for the dragons to invest in a “bitoin- invester” and one of the Dragons actual put money in and earned some profits within minutes. When you search for this “bitcoin trader” on the internet you will see the pictures of that Dragons den episode on some sites (Same pictures on the different sites by the way). But when clicking on the links, two sites I found were 365markets.com and ashfordinvestments.com. You are asked to put in your e-mail, phone number and name. I used a fake name but my phone number and e-mail were correct. Big mistake! I am getting constant harassing phone calls from both these companies. They are rude and pushy. They will call you many times a day, today I had 20 missed calls, 7 times from 6 different London numbers, 5 different numbers from different parts of England and 8 calls from the united Arab emirates, not including the 3 calls I answered. Oh and by the way, when they call you they are always the “accounts manager”. When I asked them where their call centre they told me their call centre was in North London in England. I pointed out to them that they were registered in Bulgaria, they responded and said that it was an international company, I then asked them what their VAT registration number was in Britain, they were unable to answer. I also asked why we have to deposit a minimum of $250 Dollars. They said that the “Trading bot” needs a minimum of $25 dollars to trade and they need 10 trades at the same time cause only 8 out of 10 trades makes a profit. My response was “huh”? The rude man then told me that I don’t understand because I don’t know about crypto currency, and that they have experience. I put my details on their website because I wanted to register and check it out. They will harass you so don’t even put you details on their website. If you would like to learn to trade, jut but 30-50 dollars of lite coin ( because the transaction fees are cheap) and play on an exchange and experiment. I do 2-3 trades a week buying different currencies, I have managed to increase my lite coin by 10% in a month, yesterday I lost 2% so now im 8%. Not bad for a beginner I think, and if I loose, its only £30. There are many many videos on youtube to give you idea’s and teach you. but watch out for the youtube people promoting scams. Hope this helps guys, please be wary of scammers. Much love 🙂

    1. Too late for me Greg my £250 is in the wallet which apparently is the crux of the scam. It’s going to be difficult to move the money out without the thieves clocking all your bank details.

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