DARING SCAM: Bitcoin Investor review

Bitcoin Investor websiteThis review shows that Bitcoin Investor is a scam that can only lose your money.

The Bitcoin Investor website doesn’t say much about this program, but it invites you to create an account and start trading Bitcoin.

What exactly is the Bitcoin Investor trading solution, is not clear, however they promise it will make you $2,200 per day. Is it really possible?

Bitcoin Investor scam

The truth is that Bitcoin Investor is a scam made to take your money and lose it, while scammers will earn a commission for ensuring that this does happen.

We wanted to test the trading solution, but it was impossible, there may not even be one. Because what happens when you register, is that you are sent to a deposit page of a broker, nothing else.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are fakeOne thing that proves that Bitcoin Investor is a scam is testimonials. They are fake made with stolen photos.

Not only that, the same photos are used also in the German version of this scam, but with different names. See the proof on our picture.

How it really works

You have to deposit in order to loseIt’s clear that Bitcoin Investor works just like any other investment scam out there. When you sign up for this program, you will be pushed to deposit with 365 Markets, which is an unregulated broker.

The reason for this is that people who run Bitcoin Investor are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors. This is how they earn money.

Whatever trading system they will give you, will make you lose money.


Bitcoin Investor is a scam that is made to make money to scammers and lose yours. Stay away from it!

If you really want to try cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker, risk free.

Before you can start investing real money, you have a lot to learn and understand.

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