DARING SCAM: BitcoinInvest review

Bitcoin Invest websiteRead this review to learn the truth about Bitcoininvest.eu, it is an investment scam.

BitcoinInvest allegedly is a company involved in stocks, bonds, futures, currencies and commodities trading.

The company offers three investment plans with returns up to 14.28% per day, meanwhile the funds are allegedly insured.

Can you really make 428,4% per month with this program?

BitcoinInvest scam

Investment nonsenseSadly, BitcoinInvest is just a scam that is going to quickly close down and all the money will disappear.

We keep saying it over and over again, the truth is that no legitimate business can make you 400% per month or anything close to that number. You have to accept this fact.

This means that any program offering this kind of numbers is a scam, there is no other way. BitcoinInvest is a scam.

Fake company

No real companyBitcoinInvest claims to be a company registered in the UK, but it is not. The registration number it provides belongs to another company that has nothing to do with BitcoinInvest, check our picture.

This means that BitcoinInvest is not licensed, it is operating illegally. So, forget about the insurance of invested funds, there is nothing like that, just a scam.

How it really works

Bitcoin Invest is a Ponzi scheme, which means some of the deposits might be used to pay some profit withdrawals, but this cannot last long, and this scheme always collapses very quickly.

There is no real business activity, just an illegal financial game that always ends badly.


BitcoinInvest is an investment scam that will take your money and collapse. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in real trading, first try a free demo with a regulated broker to see if it is something you could really succeed in.

Only when you are familiar with the risks and have a sound strategy, you can start investing real money.

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