DARK SCAM: BlackCoin review

BlackCoin official websiteIn this review we explain why Black Coin Trends is an investment scam. It is presented by Andrew Frost.

Frost claims that BlackCoin is a trading software that wins 93% of trades on cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this success rate it allegedly earns every user at least $1,350 per day.

And you are supposed to believe that it can make you this kind of profits for free, because the software costs nothing.

Black Coin scam

Website agreementIn reality Black Coin is a scam that has nothing to do with real crypto trading. Its aim is to make you lose money with a crappy broker.

The entire story about Frost and his miraculous trading software is pure fiction. The funny thing is that you just need to read their website agreement. It says that the video is fictional and that paid actors were used.

To sum it up, Black Coin Trends is just a fairy tale, there is no real profitable trading software. So, what it is good for?

How it really works

The real purpose of BlackCoin is to make you deposit with an unregulated and illegal broker called Pratconi.

Pratconi provides trading signals, but you would be foolish to invest money based on illegal investment advice. The real aim of this scam is to make you lose money with this broker.

People who run BlackCoin are paid by Pratconi for referring new depositors who will lose their money, that’s how it works.


Black Coin is a scam, the story of this software is totally made up, they will push you to lose money with an illegal broker. Stay away from it!

To make money with cryptocurrencies, you have to learn to trade and build yourself a proper strategy. You can start practicing on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Forget about free signals and robots, they don’t work.

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