DECEIVING SCAM: Bitcoin Decoder App review

Bitcoin Decoder App websiteSee in this review that Bitcoin Decoder App is a dirty scam that is made to steal your money.

The Bitcoin Decoder App was allegedly developed by former economists and programmers. It supposedly will discover trends in financial markets, like currencies, cryptocurrencies stocks or commodities.

The app will allegedly make you lots of money on autopilot, for free, because it costs nothing. You will only have to pay 2.5% on your profits. Seriously?

Bitcoin Decoder App scam

The truth is that Bitcoin Decoder App is a financial scam that can only lose your money, nothing else.

Fake team

The team is not realLet’s start with the alleged team that is behind this software. The team is shown in the video presentation holding a board with the Bitcoin Decoder App logo.

But it is fake. As you can see on our picture, they used a stock video that anybody can buy and just edited it.

Fake testimonials and reviews

Fake testimonialIn the video you will see pictures of people who allegedly made thousands of dollars with Bitcoin Decoder App. But it is a lie.

People shown on the photos in the video have nothing in common with this program. As an example, we show you the woman on our picture, she is a Youtuber, her photo was used by Bitcoin Decoder App without her consent.

Fake reviewsThe same applies to the alleged positive testimonials from Facebook. They are fake, you can see it by the fact that you cannot click them to verify them.

Scammers just used photos of random people who have no idea that this program even exists.

Fake articles

Fake articlesThe Bitcoin Decoder App also features some articles that allegedly were published by media like CNN and that contain endorsements of this app by famous people.

But everything is fake. These articles don’t exist, or they are about something else. You can research them yourself.

How it really works

Bitcoin Decoder App is made to steal your money. You will be pushed to deposit money with an unregulated broker.

If you send them your money, you will never see it again, because recovering money from unregulated brokers is nearly impossible.


Bitcoin Decoder App is a scam, it just wants your money, stay away from it!

There is no magic free software that will make you rich in trading. You have to build your own profitable strategy, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Don’t forget that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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