DECLARED SCAM: Doow review

Doow official websiteIn this review we have a quick look at the Doow illegal financial game that is made to collapse.

The presentation of Doow says that it is an economic game based on the principle of distribution of cash flow.

It allegedly can make you up to 15% per month, at least this what the calculator suggests. So, is this a legal economic game?

Doow scam

Investment PackagesNo, Doow is not a legal economic game, it is an illegal Ponzi scheme. The “principle of distribution of cash flow” obviously means that new deposits are used for older profits pay outs.

Such schemes always collapse, because withdrawals will always exceed deposits, it is only a matter of time.

Another confirmation that Doow is illegal, is in the fact that it is completely anonymous and unlicensed.

Every investment scheme needs to be regulated, but Doow obviously isn’t. At least they admit that it is a game in which you can lose money.

There is really no point in taking part in such games hoping it won’t collapse before you break even. It can stall right after your first deposit.

And because it is run on cryptocurrencies, nobody will be able to get you your money back.


Doow is a Ponzi scheme, which is an illegal financial game that always collapses in the end. Stay away from it.

Making money with cryptocurrencies requires a serious approach, learning, testing and building a profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Always be careful in trading, because you can make, but also lose money, there are no guarantees.

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