Deepnet Trading is a rebranded scam on binary options

In this review we are going to have a look at a binary options scam called “Deepnet Trading”, it is presented by John A Palmer.

What is it about

Deepnet Trading web
Two versions of the same scam.

Palmer explains in his video that he has an automated trading system that can make you $875 per day. How is it possible?

He claims that while working in China he discovered the deep net, which is a part of the Internet that is not indexed by search engines, therefore not really visible to the usual surfer. And then he combined information from the deep net with financial trading to create his DeepWebSignals app.

Now he is willing to give you his app for free, you just have to pay a 1% profit fee from your second month.

Why is DeepnetTrading a scam

Fake testimonials
This person is a known scammer, she already acted in Sarah’s Confession.

First of all Deepnet Trading is nothing new, we’ve already seen it last year, when it was called Deepweb Signals. The video is in fact the same, you hear this name in it, they just rebranded the page.

But this scam is still running under both names, so you can find both versions.

Then we also have all these fake testimonials, photos published on the Deepnet Trading web were stolen from different sources and all the characters are fictitious.

The best example is the woman talking in the video, she is a known scammer, not so long ago she acted as the main character in a binary options scam called Sarah’s Confession.

The reality is that Deepnet Trading is an ordinary scam. People who created it are affiliated with a broker, so they will get paid for every new trader that opens a new trading account and deposits money.

So they invented this story just to make you do that. If you then trade your account with their Deepnet Trading App, you will lose your deposit.


No matter how many scammers are trying to abuse them, binary options remain a legit trading tool that you can make money with. But you first have to learn and build a profitable strategy, you can do so on a free demo account without risking your money.

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