DEGENERATED SCAM: 24 Algo Trader review

24-algo-traderIn this 24AlgoTrader review you will find proofs that it is a binary options scam that can only lose your money.

According to the 24AlgoTrader presentation it is the most successful binary options trading machine ever invented. No experience required. The robot works on autopilot and will supposedly make you money.

Simple as that and it is free. So we are speaking about free money again…

24AlgoTrader scam

We all know that free money does not exist, so it is obvious that 24 Algo Trader is a simple scam. They basically show you nothing, so there is little to go through.


24algotrader-testimonialsOne of the things that is supposed to convince you to use the 24 Algo Trader robot is the testimonials shown on the website.

But they are fake. Look at the picture, you’ll see that scammers used stock photos, they are not from real users of this program. All the stories and numbers are fake.

Fake performance

performanceThe second thing that is supposed to convince you is the performance table. It shows some trades that were allegedly taken by 24AlgoTrader.

But again, these results are fake. Look at the picture, you’ll see that there are several trades from weekends.

But markets are closed on weekends, you cannot trade currency binary options on weekends.

The truth – how it works

24algotrader-softwareThe 24 Algo Trader scam works the same way as all the other binary options scams we have exposed in our review. People who created it are affiliated with some brokers, so they get paid for referring new depositing client to these brokers.

So to make you open an account and deposit money with their broker, they are trying to make you believe that their software can make you money for free. But it is a lie. The truth is that their software loses money, they just want to earn their affiliate commission.

Conclusion – how to protect yourself

24AlgoTrader is a simple scam that will lose your money, so don’t use it.

You can try binary options trading risk free on a demo account with a regulated broker. There you will see what you have to learn to really make money in binary trading.

Avoid all the seemingly free systems that promise you money, they are all scams.

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