DEPLORABLE SCAM: Maximus Edge AutoBot review

Maximus Edge EA websiteIn this review of the Maximus Edge AutoBot we explain why this program is a scam that you should avoid.

Maximus Edge AutoBot allegedly is a professional trading platform that generates high-quality trading signals with a 83% win ratio. The algorithm is called Maximus Edge EA and here is the miracle, it is free.

So, the question is, can you make money with Maximus Edge AutoBot for free?

Maximus Edge AutoBot scam

Any time anybody promises you free money, it is a huge warning sign. Money is the opposite of free, so something must be wrong here. And it is, because Maximus Edge AutoBot is just a scam designed to lose your money.

Scam software, not free

Robot testAfter registering with Maximus Edge Autobot, you will have to deposit at least $250 with the unregulated broker BinaryOnline.

As you can see, this program is not free, you will not be allowed to use it until you deposit. So, your money will be at stake.

Secondly, we analyzed the Maximus Edge EA and we came to the conclusion that it is not a unique software, it is an app used by many other binary options scams, like Blazing Speed Trader, MTsoft and Desert Millionaire. Look at our picture to see the comparison.

This software has no real strategy, it generates more or less random trading signals, which means that it is losing money. Real users of this app have confirmed this to us.

The truth

So how does the Maximus Edge AutoBot scam really work? As you already know, you will be forced to deposit money with a selected broker. This is because people who run this scam are associated with this scam broker, they get paid for referring new depositors to him.

This is how scammers earn money, they make you deposit with an unregulated broker, which earns them a commission. So, they don’t care that their software will then lose your money in trading.


Maximus Edge AutoBot is a very simple scam that will make you lose money with a crappy software and an unregulated broker. Stay away from it!

If you want to learn how to make real money in trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Test and learn on the demo until you build a profitable strategy. Only then you can start trading with your own money. And forget about free robots, they all are scams.

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2 thoughts on “DEPLORABLE SCAM: Maximus Edge AutoBot review

  1. ¿sabes si hay alguna denuncia contra ellos?
    ¿sabes si han identificado a alguien de los brokets que estan estafando?
    ¿sabes la ubicacion de esta empresa?

  2. my name is bonny,working in qatar as a waiter,this my third experience i lost money for advice dont go with any robot all are they fake its trap for beginners.
    day before yesterday i make 250usd deposit for maximus via royal markets online .first senior account manger from royal market he said make one trade with us then only u can activate ur maximus software.then ask him 10 dollar trade, no u have to put all.he said may be u lost ur money but company give u back but confuse and agree.then i put 250 usd trade then i lost after he said no problem ur balance 250 in maximus. then i check there is 250 usd as bonus .after i ask him how can trade in maximus?he said it auto u make ur self and he drop the phone.after no response from maximums and royal market, any way i think let make one trade with maximus i surprise when put trade maximus guide me to make deposit with another broker grren filed capital.i make complain both until now no response.they steel my money after i try withdraw money it showing zero.
    may all of thinking that i am making scam for them. this my mail id and chat with me,i can give maximus id and password and see what they did for me

    option robot 365 also same stoxmarket steel my money 250 usd.i have these two experience

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