DEPLORABLE SCAM: Methodox review

websiteIn this Methodox review we prove that is a binary options scam that you should avoid. It is presented by Scott Sholes.

Methodox is an automated binary options trading software. According to Sholes it generates $375 in profits every day to each user.

Sholes also claims that you can get Methodox for free, but there is a limited amount of free spots because big banks want to buy the licence to use it for their own profits.

Methodox scam

scammerBe it Methodox 1.0 or Methodox 2.0 you can be sure that it is a scam made to lose your money.

In fact, we are pretty sure that the 1.0 version never existed. It is just a fairy tale to make you believe that there has been a development behind the 2.0 version.


testingIn the Methodox video you can see a supposedly live demonstration of trading with the software. But it is a big fake.

Look at the picture, you’ll see that there is a GBP/JPY trade with a Put option. A Put option means that you bet on a price decrease, in other words you say that the price will go down.

But the price went up, yet Methodox shows the trade as a winner. This proves that the results shown in the video are fake.


softwareWe also did a test of the Methodox 2.0 software to see what it is about. And guess what, we found and app developed and used by scammers only.

Look at the picture, you’ll see some other scams that use the exact same software, like Traders Revenge.

So there is absolutely nothing unique about this software, it is an app that has no real strategy, it loses money to its users, we have a lot of feedback about from people who really traded with it.

How it works

Methodox works as every other scam out there that abuses binary options. It is only a tool to make you open a trading account with a selected broker and deposit money into it. Why? Because scammers are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositing and trading clients. That’s all.

This is why you won’t be allowed to try the software before you deposit. They need you to believe that they can make you money. And you must not discover that it does not work until scammers earn their commission on you. This is why they put so much effort into fake testimonials with paid actors that you are shown.


Methodox is a pure scam that will lose your money if you trade with it, it is not really free. So stay away from it.

If you want to try binary options risk free to see how real money can be made in trading, try a free demo account.

Test and learn on the demo until you are ready to trade with real money for real profits.

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  1. You fake image is not real, check the time you show the position time started at 11:41 the image shows it at 11:40 that´s why yours is fake

    1. As you can see there is no other GBP/JPY trade at that time, so it is the same trade. We watched it live and just took screenshots.

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