DIRTY SCAM: Binary Options Revenge review

BORThis review proves that Binary Options Revenge is a binary options scam that is made to rip you off a second time.

Binary Options Revenge addresses people who lost money with binary options scams. Its anonymous author claims that he programmed a software that can take revenge on scam brokers.

This revenge supposedly consists of trading binary options and earning money with a program called Binary Destroyer.

And Binary Options Revenge is free, so can you take your revenge and make money for free? No…

Binary Options Revenge scam

authorThe sad truth is that Binary Options Revenge is just another scam that wants you to lose money another time.

It is a completely anonymous program. The guy who is behind it certainly is not the same guy as you can see on the photo. Scammers have stolen a photo of a game developer and used it in this scam, look at our picture to see the proof.

Fake testimonials

reviewsThe BOR website is full of testimonials, alleged binary options brokers’ victims claim that they took their revenge with this program. It allegedly made them money.

But they all are fake. These people are just paid actors who are lying for money. Look at the picture to see a proof.

This guy is Fiverr actor, anybody can hire him. We have seen him acting in many binary options scams.

Scam software

robotWe had a look at the Binary Destroyer software and surprise, it is the same software as used by Option Trader – an allegedly totally different program.

So we see the typical scam scenario, scams share one trading platform. This time it has not even been rebranded, because it is not branded at all. You are just redirected to it after signing up.


Binary Options Revenge is a disgusting scam, because it wants to abuse binary options brokers’ victims a second time. Stay away from it!

No free software will make you money in trading, you have to learn and build your own profitable strategy. You can start with it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Forget about free programs that will make you money, they are all scams.

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