DIRTY SCAM: CryptoCompared review

Crypto Compared official webIn this review we explain why you have to stay away from Crypto Compared of Evan Myers.

Myers claims that he is an expert in cryptocurrency trading. He developed a trading system that allegedly has a 99.99% win ratio and can turn $10 into up to $10,000 in just days.

He is selling access to his system for $37. If you buy it, you will receive trading signals to execute on your account and collect “incredible” profits. Really?

CryptoCompared scam

Impossible accuracyFirst of all, if somebody is promising you a 99.99% win ratio in crypto trading and the possibility to turn $10 to $10,000 in days, he is a scammer. There is no other way.

We have a lot of experience in trading financial markets, cryptocurrencies included, so trust us, no cryptocurrency has ever made 100,000% in days, so Myers is a big liar. And a 99.99% win ratio is impossible in any trading with any asset. Period.

Therefore, the presentation of CryptoCompared is full BS and you cannot trust anything that is said or written by Myers. By the way, who is he?

Illegal investment advice

Illegal serviceEvan Myers literally says that he will be telling you in which coins you should invest your money. This is investment advice. So, Myers has to have a licence, he must be registered with regulators in every country he is selling his product.

But is he? Obviously not, he does not even provide contact information, let alone information required by regulators.

All in all, Myers is providing illegal investment advice, his product CryptoCompared is illegal in most countries.

What you have to lose

You might think that you have nothing to lose, since there is a 60-day money back guarantee with Crypto Compared. Wrong! You can lose money.

Because Myers will send you trading signals, so if you follow them, you will invest your own money. If those signals fail, you will be losing your own money. And it will probably be much more than the $37 you can get refunded by Myers for his illegal product.


CryptoCompared is an illegal product that is promising impossible things, therefore it is a scam. Stay away from it.

Make no mistake, it is possible to make money in crypto trading, but it is not easy as those hindsight gurus claim. You can try it on a free demo and see for yourself.

Please understand that there are risks associated with trading, you can not only make, but also lose money. So if you decide to one day invest real money, be responsible and careful.

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