DIRTY SCAM: El-Terro review

EL-TERRO reviewRead this review to see that EL-TERRO is a dirty scam that has nothing to do with clean energy.

El-Terro claims to be a company that is investing in clean technologies that help to reduce CO2 emissions. The company doesn’t provide details about its activities, the main thing is their investment plans.

They claim that you can invest with them and get up to 2% daily on your returns, in other words 60% per month.

El-Terro scam

We are sad to say that El-Terro is a scam. It has nothing to do with real investing and clean energy. The website mentions just some generic news from the industry, but the truth is that El-Terro is not a real company.

Ridiculous plans

Unreal investment planShould it be possible to make 60% per month on your investment, everybody could stop working. Because it would mean you could multiply your money 281 times in a year with the compounding effect.

This means that you would need just $3558 to become a millionaire in one year. Does it sound real? Of course not! Because it is not real, it’s a scam.

Illegal offer

Unauthorized companyEl-Terro is focused on investment services, and since it is a UK company, it has to have a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority.

But El-Torr is in fact just a registration, not a real company, it has no licence whatsoever, it is providing illegal investment services.

How it works

It seems that EL-TORRO was conceived as a Ponzi scheme, it is just using money deposited into the system for a new distribution to people who came earlier.

Such a scheme always fails quickly, because withdrawal requests quickly exceed deposits. So, it is always a bad idea to enter these illegal financial games.


El-Terro is a scam, not a real investment opportunity, it will implode very quickly, stay away from it!

If you want to try genuine financial trading, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Learn the basics, build a strategy, understand the risks and then you can start investing real money.

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