DIRTY SCAM: Instant Cash Club review

websiteIn this review of Instant Cash Club we prove that it is a binary options scam that will lose your money. It is presented by Jim Robinson.

Robinson claims that he can give you access to Instant Cash Club that will provide you with a binary options trading software that makes $10,000 per day.

And guess what, you can become a member of the club for free, so you can become a millionaire for free. Well, not really…

Instant Cash Club scam

Instant Cash Club is such a poor scam, everything you hear in the video is lies. And we are going to prove it now.

Jim Robinson

scammerLet’s start with Robinson. He is a well-known scammer. Look at the picture, seven months ago he presented the Altronix scam under the name of Frank Saunders.

As you can see this guy is a big liar and scam artist. This is not the first time he is scamming people while abusing binary options.


testimonialsAs we said, everything on the Instant Cash Club website is fake. Including testimonials.

Look at the picture, you’ll see an example, they have stolen the photo of a writer called Patricia Weitz.

They abused her photo and gave her another name with a fake story about earnings.


chartRobinson shows you his alleged earnings from the beginnings with Instant Cash Club, but his screens are faked.

Look at the picture, these two screenshots are allegedly separated by a week, yet the price chart looks exactly the same.

So the balance has obviously been faked.

Not free, fake deposit

balanceAfter you sign up Robinson will show you a supposedly live trade with a deposit that he gives you for free. But it is just another fake, the trade is not live and the balance is virtual.

Look at the image, you will see that after the fake trade you will be redirected to a deposit page with Banc de Binary where the real balance on your account is zero.

You will have to deposit at least $250 to be allowed to use Instant Cash Club.

How it really works

softwareInstant Cash Club works as every other scam we have reviewed. These scammers are affiliated with Banc de Binary and will get paid by this broker for every new trader they refer to this broker.

So this is the real purpose of Instant Cash Club, scammers will earn an affiliate commission if you sign up and deposit through their software with their broker.

The trading software is in reality losing money, so if you deposit money and let the app trade for you, you will lose your deposit.


Instant Cash Club is a dirty scam designed to lose your money, so stay away from it. But you don’t have to stay away from binary options.

If you want to see how trading really works, try a free demo account. There you will be able to test with virtual money until you learn how to trade profitably.

Only then you can start trading with real money for real profits.

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