DIRTY SCAM: LED Generation review

LED GenerationThis review explains that LED Generation is not a real company with an investment offer, but a scam.

LED Generation pretends to be a company specialized in LED lightning and its development and production.

The LED industry is allegedly very profitable, so the company offers three investment plans with returns going up to 1.85% per business day. This means about 39% per month.

What is the reality?

LED Generation scam

Fake investment plansThe reality is that LED Generation is a scam. There is no way for a company involved in LED technologies to make you 40% per month, plus affiliate rewards, plus money for themselves. Their offer is a total nonsense.

40% per month is a typical scam / Ponzi scheme number. These schemes just play games with deposits and use them to pay out some profits, until the system collapses because of not enough new money coming in.

Fake company

The company is not realLED Generation has a tax registration in the UK, but it says nothing about the legitimacy of a company. There are two important red flags.

The first one is that the company is only two months old. Can a two-month-old company be already that established in the LED industry and make profits?

The second is that LED Generation is not authorized to provide investment services, therefore it is breaking the law.


Not funded by the EUThere are all sorts of lies on the website of LED Generation, but to keep this review short, let’s have a look at just one more.

The company says that it is funded by the EU, but it is not true. You can verify it with EU authorities.


LED Generation is a scam that just plays dirty games with money, stay away from it!

If you want to do real investing or trading, start by opening a free demo account and practice.

You will see what it takes to make real profits. And be sure to understand the risks of real money trading, if you decide to deposit and trade for real.

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