DIRTY SCAM – Opus Formula review

Opus Formula websiteThis review of Opus Formula proves that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Lex Simmons junior.

Simmons says that Opus Formula is a binary options trading software that made him almost 30 million dollars in one year.

And Simmons has a miraculous offer for you, he will give you his Opus Formula for free so that you can become a millionaire too. Simple as that.

Opus Formula scam

Lex Simons juniorOpus Formula is the typical scam. Simmons is a fictional character played by an actor. His story is pure fiction.

All the trading and bank account statements you can see in his video are fake. Not a single of these numbers is true.


Fake testimonialsBecause the story of Opus Formula is fake, it is clear that testimonials are fake too. They were made with paid actors.

Look at the picture, you can see that Fiverr actors have been used to endorse this program.

Anybody can hire these people to say anything for just 5 dollars.

The software

Opus Formula softwareWe have also checked the Opus Formula app to see what it is about. No real surprise here, it is a piece of software developed and used by scammers only.

Look at the picture, the same exact software has been used by scams like Lazy Millionaire or Maximus Profits.

There is nothing unique about this app, it has no real strategy and it loses money to its users, we have a lot of feedback about it.

The truth

So what is the real purpose of Opus Formula? To make money to scammers. How? They get paid by their partner unregulated broker for referring new depositing clients.

This is why you won’t be allowed to use Opus Formula until you deposit at least $250 with their broker. If you do it, scammers will earn their commission and you will lose your deposit in trading with their crappy software. End of story.


Let’s conclude this Opus Formula review by stating that it is a scam designed to lose your money, so it is not free. Stay away from it!

You see, you can make money in binary options trading, but first you have to learn how to trade on a no deposit demo account.

You should start trading live with real money only when you are able to trade profitably on the demo.

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