DIRTY SCAM: OZO Crypto review

OZO Crypto websiteThis review reveals that OZOCrypto and the OZO Coin are a scams that you should not invest your money in.

OZOCrypto is presented as a new blockchain with a native cryptocurrency called OZO Coin. The blockchain is allegedly designed for payments. The blockchain supposedly uses proof of work, which means that the OZO Coin is mined.

OZO Crypto is offering several streams of income, from mining, lending, trading and an affiliate program. We found a video that shows that you allegedly can make 4% daily on your investment.

OZOCrypto scam

Unfortunately, OZOCrypto is not a real blockchain, OZO Coin is not a real cryptocurrency, it’s just a scam.

OZOCrypto doesn’t prove the existence of its blockchain, the link to the “explorar” from the home page is not working, there is no whitepaper, nothing. It is clear that OZO Coin is fictitious.

Fake Ozo Coin

The statement that OZO Coin is fake is supported by the fact that there are no crypto exchanges trading with this coin. You won’t find it anywhere, we checked it.

Fake company

Non-existing companyOZO Crypto claims to be registered in the United Kingdom as a company. But it is not true.

We checked the Companies House register and there is no company of this name there, see our picture.

Fake teamAlso, the alleged team behind this project is fake. They show pictures and names of alleged creators of OZOCrypto, but these are only stock photos.

Look at our picture and you will see a proof. This photo is supposed to show David Martin, the founder of OZOCrypto, but in reality it is a stock photo that anybody can download and use.

Impossible earnings

Impossible earningsLast but not least, 4% per day, which means 120% per month, is a number typical for scams.

OZOCrypto is very similar to scams of the Bitconnect type, it has the same features including the fake lending program.

These scams work as Ponzi schemes. The collect deposits from people and pay out some profits at the beginning, but they use money from new deposits for that purpose. This way they attract more people into the system.

But sooner or later these systems always run out of money and fail. Then people realize that all the money is gone, and it will be too late.


OZOCrypto is a scam, there is no real blockchain, no real cryptocurrency, just a Ponzi scheme. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money in cryptocurrency trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker and practice until you have a profitable strategy.

Only then you can start thinking about investing real money, provided that you are aware all of the risks.

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