DIRTY SCAM: Secret Investor Society review

Secret Investor SocietyThis review shows that the Secret Investor Society program is a scam made to take your money.

The Secret Investor Society is supposed to be a program that will make you money on autopilot. It allegedly can make you $2,301 per day and make you a millionaire within one year.

The membership is free, so can you become a millionaire for free?

Secret Investor Society scam

The sad truth is that Secret Investor Society is just a scam that will take your money and give you nothing.


David is a scammerThe guy who introduces the Secret Investor Society in the video calls himself David. He tells you a story about how he became a millionaire, but all you hear from him are lies.

Look at our picture and you will see that his picture is a stock photo. In reality he does not exist, scammers who run this program made him up along with the entire story.

Fake testimonials

Fake testimonialAnother proof that Secret Investor Society is a scam is in the testimonials you will find on their website.

They are fake, scammers used stolen photos of people who have nothing to do with program, they certainly haven’t made any money with it.

How it really works

Banner Bit scamWhen you sign up for the Secret Investor Society, you will notice that you have to buy some banners from Banner Bit in order to allegedly be able to make money.

These banners will be totally worthless and useless to you, they serve just as a tool to take your money away from you.

So, you will pay money to scammers and get nothing back. We have already seen several scams of this kind, like QuantumAdCode, and real users confirmed that it is a total scam.


Secret Investor Society is a total scam that wants you to buy some useless banners to make you lose money, stay away from it!

If you are really interested in making money in online investing, try it first risk free on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

You have to understand that in trading you can make, but also lose money, before potentially switching to trading with real money.


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