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Traders Revenge websiteThis Traders Revenge review proves that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Ryan Jackson.

Scammers often talk about others being scammers, but Traders Revenge is entirely based on this concept.

Jackson says that he’s seen all the scams and that now it is the time to take revenge on them.

How? By using his binary options trading software that can allegedly make you $3,500 to $6,500 per week.

And this Traders Revenge is free, so again, you can get a decent income for free… can’t you?

Traders Revenge scam

Jackson tells a BS story about having a binary options trading software built by a guy from Freelancer.

Sure, programmers can make money with automated apps with binary options, have lots of money and free time, and so this is why they are still programming for a few bucks per hour on Freelancer…

Ryan Jackson scammerBut the most disgusting thing is that Jackson is saying how many times he has been scammed and that he is a real honest guy.

Meanwhile he is a Fiverr actor that has supported countless scams, so he is a guy who helped scammers to steal money from thousands of people!

This guy is really one of the most ignoble people we have ever seen in binary options scams.


Fake testimonialSo if Jackson is a fake Fiver actor, who are the people that are endorsing Traders Revenge?

Paid actors too. Look at the example on the picture, this woman has also supported many binary options scams.

So all the testimonials are fake.

The software

Traders Revenge appJust by curiosity we have also checked the Traders Revenge software to see what is it about.

And no surprise here, it is an app created by scammers and used by scammers only.

Have a look at the picture on the right, you’ll see some of the other binary options scam that has been using it.


Traders Revenge is a disgusting scam that abuses binary options. It is designed to earn affiliate commissions to scammers and lose your money in trading with a crappy app.

If you want to see how binary options trading really works, try a risk free demo account.

There you will see that although binary options are easy to understand, you still have to learn some things and build a good strategy in order to succeed.

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3 thoughts on “DIRTY SCAM – Traders Revenge review

  1. Hi,

    Did you fund your account? I tried it purely out of interest from the online YouTube reviewers and managed to burn the account in around 2 hours,
    To be honest I thought this was going to be outcome but had to try out of curiosity, itm 48% which on 60 second trades could be picked by a 6 year old

    Every YouTuber reviewer account I see is flying so can we presume this is all bullshit? Not sure how they would manage it,


    1. Hi, yeah, unfortunately these fake Youtube reviews are made in cooperation with the authors of these scams, se they are manipulated and fake. These fake reviewers are in fact affiliated with these scams.

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