DISASTROUS SCAM: Brit Formula review

The Brit Formula official webIn this review we prove that the Brit Formula of Harry Jones is a big scam.

Jones claims that he found a way to make millions of dollars with a simple trading formula, he called it the Brit Formula.

This method can allegedly be used by anybody and Jones is willing to share it with you for free. Really?

Brit Formula Scam

Same as other scamsThe Brit Formula unfortunately is just a cloned scam. It is based on the most cloned scam we have ever seen, the Aussie Method from Jake Pertu.

By the way, you might have noticed in the Brit Formula video that the speaker presents himself as Pertu, now you know why.

More of the same scamsThis scam has been cloned under a lot of different names, like the Brit Method or the Saffa Method. See our pictures for comparisons and proofs.

Scammers always use the same video with the same fake testimonials and fake trading results. People you see in the video have never traded with this method, let alone made money, they are just paid liars.

Harry Jones

Harry Jones is a scammerHarry Jones is a scammer, or more precisely a fictitious person made up by scammers who run the Brit Formula. This is the only thing that changes with these scams, the name of the alleged creator of the method/formula.

But everything else remains the same. As you can see on our picture, the picture of Harry Jones is in reality a stock photo that anybody can buy.

The truth – how it really works

The real and only purpose of all these scams like the Brit Formula is really simple, to make you deposit money and lose it with a certain unregulated broker.

You see, the Brit Formula is in fact not free, after registering you will be pushed to deposit your own money with a broker that you won’t be allowed to choose. It’s because people who run this scam are cooperating with that broker and getting paid for referring new victims that will lose their money. That’s all.


The Brit Formula is a well-known scam, it will take your money and lose it with a crappy broker. Don’t fall into the trap!

If you are interested in making money in financial trading, try it first risk free on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Then you will see if you are able to learn to trade profitably. You need to build a proper trading strategy before potentially switching to trading with real money.

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