DISASTROUS SCAM: Invexic review

Invexic official websiteThis review explains that Invexic is a toxic investment scam that is made to lose money.

Invexic Limited supposedly is a company that is investing in stocks. The company allegedly owns shares in companies like Apple, Samsung or BMW.

This allows Invexic to offer several investment plans to ordinary people, with returns on investment up to 750% per month.

So, is Invexic a genuine investment opportunity?

Invexic scam

Investment PlansNo, Invexic is not a genuine investment opportunity, it’s a scam.

You just need to look at numbers, 750% monthly is an absurd ROI that is impossible in legit circumstances.

Only Ponzi schemes show this kind of numbers. And this is what Invexic is, a Ponzi scheme. It collects money from people and initially might pay some profits, but new deposits will be used for that purpose.

As you can guess, such a scheme is doomed to fail, because withdrawals will exceed deposits soon. When it fails, owners will disappear with all the remaining money.

Illegal operation

No FCA licenceInvexic is trying to gain your trust with its UK registration. While it is true that Invexic Limited is registered in the UK, it is not authorized to provide investment services.

As you can see on our picture, Invexic has no licence from the Financial Conduct Authority, therefore it is operating illegally.

Moreover, the company is just one month old, so it has no proven history.


Invexic is an investment scam, a Ponzi scheme. Run away while you can, it is going to collapse soon.

If you are really interested in investing, try it on your own a free demo account with a regulated broker.

On the testing account you can learn what is needed and build your own profitable strategy.

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