DISGUSTING SCAM: Charity Profits review

charity-profitsThis review is about the Charity Profits binary options program of Megan Sanders.

Sanders says that she can give you a binary options trading app that will make you a millionaire. You allegedly can be making $4,000 per day with the Charity Profits App.

And guess what, this is at least the 300th millionaire program that is free.

Charity Profits App is a disgusting scam

megan-sandersScammers use all sorts of dirty tricks to make you believe their bogus story and send money somewhere. But Charity Profits is exceptionally disgusting, because these scammers pretend to be helping others through charity. But in reality they are here to steal your money.

Megan Sanders is an actress that plays a role of a fictitious millionaire woman. The Charity Profits presentation is full of lies, fake testimonials and fake bank and trading account statements.

The Charity Profits scam has been created by a group of scammers that is releasing new scams regularly, one of their latest work is Gemini 2.

How they will lose your money

guaranteeLet’s explain how the Charity Profits App really works. People who created it are affiliated with an unregulated binary options – VX Markets.

This broker is paying them for referring new traders that will open an account, deposit money and trade.

So Charity Profits is of course not free. The first thing you will have to do after signing up is to send money to the broker’s account.

And guess what happens next?

softwareBecause the Charity Profits app is absolutely worthless and cannot trade profitably, it will lose your deposit. This is how this sad story will end for you, with a loss of your deposit.

We did a test of the Charity Profits software that is supposed to trade your account for you and make lots of money.

But as you can see on the second image on the right, it is a universal app used by many other binary options scam. It cannot trade profitably, it loses money, real user experience is clear about that.


Charity Profits of Megan Sanders is a disgusting scam that is made to lose your money. So stay away from it!

Binary options are a standard investment tool that is easy to understand, but to make money with them, you need to learn trading on a demo account.

Free money making systems do not exist on binary options, they are all scams!

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