DISGUSTING SCAM: Zen Trader review

zen traderThis review of Zen Trader proves that it is a scam that abuses binary options to lose your money. It is presented by an anonymous guy.

The anonymous guy claims to have a binary options trading software called Zen Trader that can make you a millionaire within one year. It allegedly can make you $1,000 in one day.

He also claims that he is willing to give you free access to Zen Trader because he will earn 7% commissions on your trades. So that’s it, you can become a millionaire for free. Well, not really…

Zen Trader scam

Zen Trader is of course a very basic scam that is here to take your money and lose it in trading with a worthless software that cannot trade profitably.


reviewThe first proof that Zen Trader is a scam is in the testimonials. All the reviews you can see on their website are fake.

Let’s take an example from the video. See the guy on the right? He is a Fiverr actor, which means that he provides fake testimonials for 5 bucks. Anybody can hire him.

testimonialsThere are also testimonials on the webpage. They are fake too. They were made with stock photos and fake numbers and stories.

Again, check the second picture on the right to see a proof.

The software

zen trader softwareWe tested the Zen Trade software to see what scammers came up with this time. And what we have seen is a very well-known scam app designed and offered by scammers only.

Look at the picture to see some other scams that are using the exact same app, like Turbine XO.

We have a lot of feedback from real users about this software, it is losing money in trading with real money!

The truth – how Zen Trader really works

The guy in the Zen Trader presentation keeps emphasizing that his software is free and that you have nothing to lose, you just have to deposit at least $250 into your trading account. But it is what this scam is about.

People who created it are affiliated with a certain broker that pays them for referring new depositing clients. This is how scammers earn money. This is why they need you to deposit with their broker and why they won’t let you try their software until you deposit.

If you deposit, you can be sure that Zen Trader will then lose your money, because it cannot trade profitably.


Zen Trader is a disgusting scam that is designed to lose your money, so stay away from it!

If you want to see how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo account.

You first have to learn how to trade profitably on the demo, only then you can start investing real money for real profits.

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  1. Just by taking part in those on line surveys is how these scamers appear to get our addresses. I just keep getting them . I nearly got scammed by Pushmoney, PowerMoney actually gave me my money back so I’m not sure about them. I have started reading some bad stuff about all this.

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