DISHONEST SCAM: Honest Trader review

Honest Trader official webIn this review we show that Honest Trader is a simple investment scam that you should avoid.

Honest Trader supposedly is a company registered in the UK that is trading with bitcoin. It allows it to make big profits that you can now allegedly get too.

There are five investment plans with up to 320% ROI after 12 hours, principal included. This means 220% net after 12 hours and 440% net in one day. Which equals to 13,200% per month. Is it really possible?

Honest Trader scam

Investment packages are fakeMaking 13,200% per month is simply impossible in any business, crypto trading is not an exception to this rule. You cannot become a millionaire with a few hundred bucks in a few months.

This means that Honest Trader is a scam and everybody should know it just by looking at the numbers. If you believe that somebody can multiply your money one hundred times in a month for free, you are in big trouble and set for losing money you have.

Honest Trader is a typical Ponzi scheme, which means that some profits might be paid with new deposits, but then the system will collapse because of the lack of new money coming in. This is how these schemes always end.

Illegal program

No real companyHonest Trader claims to be registered in the UK, but it is no true. There is no company of this name, the certificate shown on the website is fake.

More importantly, there is no Honest Trader company in the Financial Conduct Authority’s register, which confirms that Honest Trader is an illegal investment program.


Honest Trader is a classic Ponzi scam that is going to quickly collapse and money will disappear. Stay away from it!

Don’t get it wrong, it is possible to make money in crypto trading, but nobody will do that for you for free, you have learn and build a proper strategy. You can try it risk free on a free demo.

If you later decide to trade with real money, use only money you can afford to lose, because trading is risky.

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