DISTURBING SCAM: Way to Freedom review

Way2Freedom siteThis review of Way to Freedom shows proofs that this trading program is a total scam.

Way to Freedom allegedly is a market analysis tool that will generate trading signals for you. It is an app that is supposed to help you to make money.

The Way to Freedom app is free, so the question is, is it worth trying?

Way to Freedom scam

The truth is that Way to Freedom is a scam that wants your money. The anonymous guy you can see in the video is a scam artist with a fictitious story. He is not a trader and he cannot provide you with a profitable app.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are not trueOn the Way to Freedom website you will find alleged testimonials of the users of this system. They have the shape of posts from social media, but they are fake.

Not only you cannot click them to verify them, but a quick comparison with the German version of this scam (Weg zur Freiheit) shows that the same posts have different names.

So, it is clear that all these reviews were fabricated, they are not from real users.

Scam app

The test of the scam appThe best proof that Way to Freedom is a scam is in the software they will give you. It is a well-known solution made and used by scammers only.

Take a look at our picture and you will see that this same software is used by other scams like CryptoSoft, Pattern Trader and 50k a Week.

Because this app is so widely used, we get a lot of feedback about it from real users, from real victims of these scams. They all confirm that this software loses money in trading.

The truth

Las but not least, let us explain how Way to Freedom really works. When you sign up, you will be immediately required to deposit at least $250 with a scam and unregulated broker – Stern Options.

As you can see, the software is not free, it won’t be activated until you deposit. If you deposit money through the software, scammers running this program will get paid by the broker a commission for referring a new depositor. Then the trading software will lose your deposit in trading. That’s all.


Way to Freedom is a scam designed to take your money and lose it in trading with a crappy software. Stay away from it!

Don’t be mistaken, you can make money in trading, but you first have to learn to trade profitably on a demo account with a regulated broker.

Nobody will do that for you, certainly not for free. Only then you can start trading with real money.

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