Domino scam review: The Domion Effect

The Domion Effect web siteThis review proves that “Domion Effect” is a binary options scam. It is presented by Tony Domion.

Domion claims to be a trader who invented a formula to trade binary options, he called it the Domion Effect.

The Domion App is allegedly able to generate thousands of dollars per day. In fact Domion says that it can make you a million dollars per month, guaranteed.

And this app is of course free, because becoming millionaire with binary options is free, that’s the standard nowadays.

The Domion Effect is a scam

Tony DomionTony Domion does not exist, it is a fictitious character. Look at the stock photo that is shown in the video presentation.

The real person behind it is a scammer that is getting paid for referring new depositors to a certain broker – Max Options. This is why he made up this story.

The Domion App is a losing software that will lose your deposit once you make it. Because you will have to make a deposit first, otherwise you won’t get access to the app.

Fake article

articleThe most funny part of the Domion Effect presentation is the alleged article in the New York Times.

Look at the sreenshot on the right and read not only the title, but also the text. You’ll have a laugh, because it has nothing to do with this scam, the article is an obvious fake.


testimonialsIn the Domion Effect video you can see some testimonials, but they are fake.

They were made with paid actors from Fiverr, look at the example on the picture on the right.

This guy has supported many binary options scams, we know him very well.

Trading Results

Trading resultsDomion also shows you some trading account screenshots to prove you that his system has great results.

But they are all fake. Look at the example on the right, the date does not match with the news ribbon where you can see news from 2014.

This way we could go on and on and show more proofs, but we think that this is enough for you to see the reality.


The Domion Effect is a scam that will ask you for a deposit that will then be lost by the Domion App in trading, so stay away from it.

If you want to try binary options trading risk free to see how money is made in trading, try a free demo account.

And don’t believe anybody promising you free money on binary options, you first have to learn how to trade.

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