DON’T DO IT: Trade with Robbie review

In this Trade with Robbie review we explain why it is not a good idea to trade with Robbie Issa.

Robbie has an online service which includes binary options and Forex trading signals, a copy trader, Metatrader indicators and webinars.

For us the interesting part is about binary options. According to Issa you can make 1 – 20 % daily just by trading according to his signals!

Why you should not trust Robbie Issa

This first thing that is extremely improbable up to impossible is the promised returns. Just 1 percent daily would mean 25 percent monthly, which is pretty big. But 20 percent daily would mean more than 6000 % monthly, which is simply impossible.

Believe us, we are traders and we know this for sure. And 1 month of history in trading that Issa shows means nothing. He says he has been a successful trader for years, so why not show more?

If Issa managed consistently 1 percent daily, every trading newspaper and magazine would be full of his name. The best world’s hedge funds would be begging him to work for them. Instead Issa is offering his services for free (not really) for one month. Then you are supposed to pay via Paypal links that are not even working at this time.

But there is another thing that makes us not just doubt about Issa, in fact we are pretty sure that he doesn’t know anything about binary options.

Because in his video he says that thanks to his Smart Money Management (SMM) you will be able to get a passive income from binary options even with a 50 percent win ratio. And this is literally impossible.

Binary options never have a return ratio equal to or higher than 100 percent, if you can buy a call and put option at the same time. So it is mathematically impossible to profit with a 50% win ratio. If it was possible, you would just have to buy a call and a put option at the same time to win every time. And that would not be trading, that would be somebody giving you free money. And we all know that free money does not exist.

Why you should not trade with Robbie

The concept of Issa is pretty clear, he wants you to deposit money with his partner broker Binary Mate, which by the way is not regulated, they don’t even provide a contact address!

The reason is that Issa will get paid by this broker, if you deposit with him. That’s the main thing he cares about.

So he does not need his strategy and signals to be profitable, because he gets paid for referring new depositors to his brokers.


Trading with Robbie promises unrealistic returns and Robbie proved that he knows nothing about binary options trading. This is why we recommend not to trade with him.

Any serious binary options trading offer should let you try the strategy or signals on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

If you cannot verify the performance of a system on a demo, don’t trade it at all.

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10 thoughts on “DON’T DO IT: Trade with Robbie review


    Hello you have an unfair review of my services on your website, I would like that you take a second look into what my company is doing and how many people I am actually helping every single day, it is unfair to me to have such a bad review when I’m in fact actually one of the only honest and successful traders/EA creators with real results helping people , please join my public Facebook group and see for yourself what all my customers comment and say about me and my services thanks you !

    1. You are a scamm artist next level!! You steal a lot of money from people and pretent like you dont. You blow account, you affiliate marketer abd your services are sketchy. Karma will fuck you up

  2. He stole $94,000 US from us. He did it through a managed account. He does deals with JAFX and BinarymateHe is a clever and cunning and vile man. He is a full time thief.

    Please do not go anywhere near him.

    Please contact me if he stole from you as the New Zealand Police need others who have been scammed so we can get class action and sue Issa and Ammar for millions.

  3. I cannot believe it happened to me also
    I opened account with Robbie and he convienced me to invest 11,000GbP with BinaryMate and promised he will manage my account there.
    I was shocked that after 2 days I was left with 0GbP in my account, and Robbie stopped answering.

    There are 2 people runing this SCAM! Rabia Issa calls himself Robbie, and Ariel Amar calles himself Peter Walker

    it says in their website that they are from
    28 Kolonakiou Street,
    Ayios Athanasios,

    but they are actually operating from Israel, worked under the 24Options broker which is totally fraudulant and I hope they both get arrested as soon as possible.

  4. I agree BinaryMate is a scam. I placed £1500 with them under Robbies link for him to Auto trade my account. After a few trades he sent me an email advising me to withdraw my deposit. BinaryMate tell me they will charge me a 20% withdrawal fee because I did not trade up to the value of my deposit ie £1500. No doubt that 20% goes to Robbie as an affiliate! He is still offering his auto service advising more mugs to sign up and part with £1500 so he can trade their account! Big scam Robbie, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Also in regards to his Binary signals he takes great pains to point out his signals do not repaint on the chart, not so! Refresh the charts or log out and in and you will find losing signals vanish and very often winning signals now show that did not show in real time. Avoid.

  5. yes i tried in past the services of this dude… he builts a “safe net” of martingaling doubling 2.5x each time.

    the worst fact is that he is getting 7 and even 8 wrong trades consecutively! many accounts burned.

    i think that even putting effort in it is hard to make an 8 consecutive errors for a professional trader…..

    in fact if we did the opposite , we will have earned huge sum.

    is a clown , and always playing with not regulated brokers he claim to have strong relationship. now with jafx that appears to be a huge scam according to other sites.

    was better no never find him.

    leave him on his shit please. do yourself a favour.

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