DON’T TRADE with Binary Robot Plus, it’s a scam – review

This review is dedicated to the BinaryRobot+ scam that is here to lose your money.

Binary Robot Plus is a binary options robot that will let you trade signals that are allegedly generated by pro traders. So it is supposed to make you money.

And because BinaryRobot+ is free, you allegedly can make money for free. But can you?

Binary Robot Plus scam

Let’s start with basics. On one hand you are supposed to let Binary Robot Plus trade on your behalf, on the other hand they admit that they are not authorized or licensed to provide advice on investing.

These two things don’t go together. Either you have a licence, so you can provide investment advice, or you don’t have a licence and you can’t provide investment advice in the shape of a trading robot.

So BinaryRobot+ owners are misleading you big time. They want their software to trade with your money, but at the same time they also say that you should not use Binary Robot Plus for trading binary options.

This is the typical scam approach. On the main page they suggest you can make money with their robot, but the Disclaimer says that you should not use their robot because it is illegal in most countries.

Yes, if you live in a country with financial regulation, you can be almost sure that providing trading signals is a licensed activity supervised by authorities. So if a robot is not licensed, it cannot be offered in such a country. Period.

Not to mention that BinaryRobot+ shows fakes testimonials

Deposit first, see losses then

Another typical scam element used by Binary Robot Plus is that they want you to deposit first with an unregulated broker, only then they will activate the software.

In other words you cannot test the robot on a demo first, so the robot is not free, and you have to risk your own money since the first trade. Which is of course extremely dangerous, because it will immediately start losing your own money.

By the way, claiming that trading is safe and secure, meanwhile you have to deposit with Binarymate, is another big lie. Because Binarymate is an unregulated broker that does not even provide a contact address, it is an anonymous broker!

So sending your money to a broker that is totally anonymous and regulated would almost certainly equal to throwing your money out of the window.

How it works

It is clear that the only aim of BinaryRobot+ plus is to make you deposit with an affiliated broker, because it will earn an affiliate commission to scammers who run this robot. This is all.


BinaryRobotPlus is a scam designed to make you deposit and lose money with an unregulated broker.

To really make money with binary options, you need to learn to trade by yourself. You can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Nobody will make you money for free, ale these robots are scams.

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