DON’T TRADE with Robot FX – review

In this review we explain why we don’t recommend trading binary options with Robot FX.

Although that the name Robot FX would suggest that we are dealing with a forex robot, in reality it is a binary options robot.

Although you won’t find explicit promises of earning on the Robot FX website, you will see a list of last trades that suggest that it is highly profitable. But it isn’t.

Robot FX scam

The problem is that Robot FX is based on the White label robot. This is a software that is being bought and rebranded by scammers over and over again. You will find dozens of robots based on this same app, yet they all claim that their software is unique.

Look at the picture to see a few examples of other scam robots that use the same app, like Option Robot, Aram Binary Options or Binrobot Lady.

The most dangerous aspect of this software is that it has a fake demo. The demo shows a lot of profits, but they are mostly fake, because the robot uses fake prices. We have proven that many times in the past and captured it on videos.

You can also see it on the picture, because there are two trades that the robot made on a Saturday, but markets are closed on Saturdays. This proves that the Robot FX demo results are complete fiction.

People who are not experienced in trading may not see through this dirty trick, so they will open a real account and let the robot trade with their money. But in this case the robot will lose their money in trading, because real trading cannot be faked.

How it really works

Robot FX is made to persuade people to deposit money with a certain broker, because those who run this robot are getting paid by this broker for referring new depositors. This is the real purpose of this program.

If you deposit money through Robot FX, you will lose your deposit, but people behind the robot will get their commission.


Robot FX is based on a scam software that uses a fake demo to make you believe that it is profitable, but it is not.

Try a free demo account with a regulated broker and you will see how real binary options trading works and how you can make money.

First build a profitable strategy on the demo, nobody will do that for you, only then you can start trading with real money.

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  1. Hopefully my comment will be published, as it will bring a little more light to this review.
    I think it is important to mention that the review refers to domain/business (and all the other affiliated sites) only.
    I am here representing, which is a developing and commercializing Metatrader forex expert advisors and indicators. We do only this. Also, we do not require a specific broker, a specific deposit and so on.
    Needless to say, we are not connected to the ‘other’ robotfx site/s in any way, which seems to be mostly Spanish.
    Thank you and please, if you decide not to publish this comment, mention the domain name you refer to in the review.
    Regards, RobotFX Team.

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