Don’t trade with scams Trend Xpert, Option Xpert and XE Trader – review

One of our readers asked us to review „Trend Xpert“, so we did it. We found a connection with „Option Xpert“ and we do not recommend trading with these signal providers, they are run by scammers.

Trend Xpert and Option Xpert

Youtube infoWhen we started to analyse TrendXpert, we found a strange connection with Option Xpert and the no longer existing Option XE. Look at the picture on the right, these three programs are obviously connected and made by the same guy who calls himself Ben Newman.

So the question is, why would someone more or less replicate his binary options program under three different names? And why one of these programs (Option XE) no longer exists? Honestly, it smells like a scam since the beginning.

ContactTrend Xpert doesn’t provide any contact information, meanwhile Option Xpert does. But the address is strange, it does not correspond fully with the real registered company in Spain, see the second picture on the right. Moreover Option Expert provide an UK phone number, but the company should be Spanish. Where is their UK registration?

Creation Trade XpertAnd last but not least, Newman claims in the Trend Xpert video that he provides these services since 2012, but it is a lie, because both programs were created in 2015 and the company in 2014, see the third picture on the right.

So every aspect of the identity of these programs looks very suspicious to us and we are not afraid to call them scammers, because they lie.


Same software, different names. Why?
Same software, different names. Why?

Now let’s have a look at some of the Newman’s claims about Option Xpert strategies. First of all he says that thanks to his strategies people make $1,000 per day, which is a bold statement.

One of the few hints he gives about the strategy is spreading the same trade among several brokers, hoping that if it is a losing trade, it won’t be losing with every broker. But the reality is that if the market moves clearly against you, the trade will be losing with every broker, so this strategy is very dangerous.

Imagine placing the same trade with five brokers and losing all of them. You would then have to make 7 winning trades to recover the loss! So this really is not a strategy, it reminds us of Martingale, which is dangerous too.

No deposit, no trading

DepositAll the binary options scams we have seen so far have one thing in common, they promise you nice earnings with a strategy/robot/signal service, but in order to get access to it, you have to open a trading account and deposit money with a selected broker(s).

And Trend Xpert and XE Trader are exactly the same, you have to open an account and deposit with at least on of their brokers, otherwise their service won’t be active. If they are so good, why don’t they give a trial on a demo? Why do you have to immediately risk your own money? As we said, all scams do this.


brokersTradeXpert and XE Trader have a list of binary options brokers that you can use with them, you can’t choose any other.

When you look at the list, you’ll see that the vast majority of them is unregulated, so you have no protection, your deposit is not insured.

They push especially US traders to unregulated brokers with a very doubtful reputation.

There are also a few regulated brokers in their list, like Banc de Binary, but this broker has a bad reputation too, we hear a lot of complaints about Banc de Binary.

Endorsing scams

scamsAnd finally the the last proof that Trade Xpert and Option Xpert are just part of a binary options scam network. Ben Newman and Keith Wareing endorse on their web sites proven scams like Binadroid or OptionRobot.

They do that with affiliate links, so they get paid when people get scammed.

Moreover their XE Trader is endorsed by BinaryOptionsWatchodog, which is another scam web site, so the circle is complete.


Trade Xpert, Option Xpert and XE trader are just binary options scams. They lie about their identity, they use a very doubtful trading strategy, they won’t let you try anything unless you deposit money with their broker and they endorse other scams. So we recommend to stay away from them.

If you want to try binary options risk free, do it on a demo account where you can play and test without limits and real money. Then you’ll see if you are really interested in trading and making money with binary options. On the demo you can learn and build your own profitable strategy.

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30 thoughts on “Don’t trade with scams Trend Xpert, Option Xpert and XE Trader – review

  1. Looking for a review for daily trades (trading.daily-trades)? This guy called me yesterday making promises to get me 20% return every month Marc Monson?

    1. Daily Trades is an unregulated broker – this is the first reason to stay away. And a broker promising you monthly returns is a second reason to stay away.

  2. Thanks so much, so tired of these guys and their false promises I guesse manual trading is the only way. So it’s best we learn the markets better than trust these cons.definitely will be following your site from now on.

  3. Most of these scam sites have people scaling sites like this and adding positive comments, thanks John for exposing them. What’s your take on copy buffett?

  4. John, you boldly make assumptions without actually trying the software and experiencing the results. You are the one here making a bold scam statement in your review without testing the program yourself. How can anyone respect your opinion when you don’t put your money where your mouth is — Ben uses the software on live webinars every day … I’m just sayin …

    1. In our reviews we always provide proofs. In this review too, we provide proofs that people behind Trend Xpert, Option Xpert and XE Trader are scammers. What you say in your comments cannot change the facts…

  5. i would just like to say i use trend-xpert i i love to use them so far i have not had a losing day due to ben and his support team i have full access to the system i stated with 1250 dollars and so far so good i have no issues with them but also jut to say that you can get the full system by depositing to 5 brokers and they you get bens copy setup to what assets he is looking at and then you will get trend notification these are not signals they show you what has happened not what is going to happen as loads of people have made a mistake of and then you get the messages with is where ben posts signals that he trades himself whilst on a webinar and i think before the owner of this site actually makes a judgement on this site you must try them out and post some trading results or screw that host a webinar to prove to me that they dont work and before any one says that i am ling i have results and im sure that you can phone them on there number to the website and ask as meany question as you want

    1. They are scammers not only because they promote scams with affiliate links. It is up to you to prove that you really make money with them, please provide proofs.

  6. Hiii
    Thanks for this good site,im Elliott from Italy, i was tried last yera whit Optionbot i use 3 brokers advise to Keith of Optionxe, and Wachtdog and other scam site, and i loss whit both brokers, in 3 days,,..
    So infact if signal there bad for one brokers there bad also for 100 another brokers because no existe diffusion how they predice, Okkkk Thanks again

    Good all

  7. Wow, I suspect fake comments here, please. Have you signed up? No have you tried it! No well don’t comment end of conversation. I guess you all work for Michael freeman and that’s why you slam something decent.

    1. It’s very funny. There are several groups of binary options scammers and they all use the same tactics – they create scams, publish fake reviews and slam scams of rival scammers. In fact they’re saying something like: We have the right to scam people, not you!

    2. Thank you for stepping out James.

      My experience with the program, the people, the company have been very professional, informative, and helpful. Ben consistently shows himself as a seasoned trader, knows and explains the market trends, and puts his money where his mouth is. He is a great trainer, communicator, and his knowledge of the industry and in trading binary options is very helpful.

  8. hi to all

    I am wonder if some of you is able to give me acces to Ben Newman webinars .. I do not want to pay 1000$ yearly subscription without try first… leave me message here or leave some contact so i can reach you .. I want to try attent to this webinar

  9. I can’t never agree or trust Ben enters at any price or predicts . Market has a lot of twist of turn . How can you suppose buy when it at 90 from 100 ? are you sure it will go up to 100 ? In actual trading we cannot trade at any price of the market like Ben doing in his webinars . If just to make money then its far better choosing a regular forex than binary options. Because there are no expiry and it’s possible to work out trade if there are twist against the position when it’s progress.

  10. Some of the advice Ben gives on trendxperts tutorials makes sense,for instance check invents check charts check signal trends then make a trade if all coincide ,but to me what makes no sense at all is spread betting with five or more brokers ,if for instance you are making a call trade then getting the different strike prices are only going to be of any help if each strike price is lower than the next and that it would only be of benefit if at expiry the trades are very close to the strike price and if that is the case then it was not a good trend trade to place in the first place ,you could just as easily lose all the trades ,so with that advice alone I wouldn’t trust them not to mention all the points you have drawn attention to here.

  11. They changed there name due to law suiting them – XE are an exchange company.
    So they are the same people and they explain this on the phone like they did with me. Webinar can be Good and bad as it’s almost impossible to get 100% everytime.

    They been good to me, and yes I have lost money a few times but I have also won money thanks to there graph and charts – PIP movements etc

    I think you need to re evaluate this review and contact them directly

    1. I don’t think so. Anybody recommending Binadroid and Option Robot is a scammer. Period.

    2. Anyone (who is not an affiliate) who has tried XE Trader/Trend Xpert etc will tell you that they produce only approx. 40% ITM on a regular basis. So Jason, have you made any profit with this XE Trader? He seems to remove every negative comment from his channel and still recommends every binary scam on his channel (sometimes he will call something a scam- probably if they don’t agree for him to be their affiliate). So many people lose a fortune with the crap on his channel.

    3. well I have direct experience, they have the software which works, the webinars are completely unrealistic, even Keith Waring admits that he never does and trading with his own money in the binarys. The webinars advise you to choose an expiry that never exists with the brokers he promotes. Lastly, they pressurise you into paying for private training, when they have your money ,its the last you ever hear from them again. Crooks

  12. Excellent review. Total scam just as I suspected. So tired of these lying thieves scamming people.

    1. Guys Ben is real person who actually teachers people how to trade. If you have never heard of him then you must be new to binary options. Those companys mentioned are companies he used to work for. He since has started his own called Bullish University check it out on youtube or directly.

    2. I think they are scam artists, I spent Euro 2500.00 for a course. They called me every day to get me to pay the money. I paid more than 4 weeks ago, and have had 2 calls since I paid them. I have tried to get Keoth Waring to cootact me, but nothing. They take your money and give you nothing in return. They should be in jail

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