DOOMED SCAM: Tradenance T-Bot review

Tradenance reviewThis Tradenance review shows that T-Bot is a scam, not a profitable cryptocurrency trading robot.

Tradenance is presented as a trading platform that features the trading robot called T-Bot. It trades not only cryptocurrencies but also Forex.

The offer is primarily about the T-Bot aka Turbo Bot System that allegedly will trade for you with daily profits up to 2.75%. This would mean at least 60% monthly ROI, which is incredible.

Plus, there is also an affiliate program that can make you money if you refer other people to the system.

Tradenance scam

The sad truth of this Tradenance review is that the whole offer is a scam. Tradenance is not a real company based in New Zealand, it is just a website made by scammers.

Even worse, there is no real business or trading activity going on, everything is fake.

T-Bot review

Tradenance scamT-Bot is supposed to be a robot that will trade financial markets for you on autopilot and make you profits. It is supposed to be safe and reliable. But these are all lies.

There is no real trading robot of this name, it is pure fiction. 2.75% per day is a ridiculous number, no software or trader in the world can achieve that, which shows the true nature of this T-Bot scam.

We say it always, when anybody is offering you returns this high, they are scammers, there is no other way.

How it really works

Last but not least in our Tradenance review we will explain how this scheme works. Unfortunately, it is a Ponzi scheme, which means an illegal financial pyramid.

People deposit money in the system and this very same money is used to pay out profits. The problem is that no real profits are generated, which means that the system will run out of money and collapse as soon as withdrawals exceed deposits.

This is why you should never invest money into the Tradenance scam, because even if you manage to pull out some profits, they would be somebody else’s losses.

Tradenance review conclusion

The Tradenance scam couldn’t be more obvious, the T-Bot scam is not a robot, just a tool to take your money and play illegal games with it. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to make money in financial trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker and learn your way to profits.

Remember that there is no such thing as safe and riskless trading, so be responsible and careful.

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