Double scam: Binary Samurai and

Binary Samurai web siteIn this review we are going to have a look at „Binary Samurai“ and that are two connected binary options scams.

We could do the usual analysis and pinpoint all the suspicious claims that are made in the Binary Samurai video, but let’s do just one, then we will concentrate on the proofs.

In the video they say that their binary options trading system has an 88 % accuracy, but on the page you see an infographic where it says “An incredible 98.72 % accuracy”. So where is the truth? Not even in between, unfortunately.

Let’s go straight to the proofs. The Binary Samaurai’s credibility is based on, that is supposed to be an independent third party that verifies binary options trades. But it is a scam. Just look at their web site, no real contact information, no address, no phone number. Is it how a real control authority looks like?

A quick research and we have found that their so called management does not exist, the photos of their people have been stolen from other web sites. They even used a photo of a former Nokia manager from Finland! So you see, is a scam that has been created just to support another scam, which is Binary Samurai.

In fact, it is the same concept as the Verified Trader system and that we have uncovered recently. So probably we’ll see more of those double binary options scams in the near future.    Dan Whitworth     Roger Hall
Look where are their photos from.


The bottom line is the same as with all these free automatic trading systems that promise you free money. Forget about them. If you want to make money on binary options, learn them a trade them yourself, there is no other way.

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Binary Samurai and
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