Double scam review – Signbinary and Rocketrade

This review is about two new binary options scams called Signbinary and Rocketrade. They are presented by the broker Optionweb.

The vast majority of binary options scam is created by people who hide their identity, but this time you can see that Lionsman Capital Markets is behind Signbinary and Rocketrade. Lionsman is the company that runs the binary options broker Optionweb.

Signbinary and Rocketrade

Signbinary and RocketradeSo what are Signbinary and Rocketrade about? Two absolutely identical binary options signal services. On their websites you can literally read “the best algorithmic trading signals ever developed” that will “raise your incomes to a new level”.

So you are supposed to execute trading signals on your account and that should make you money. But the reality is very different.

Signbinary and Rocketrade scams

The first proof of scam is that both programs have identical web sites with the same numbers and awards. They are clones with different names and logos.

DisclaimerBut there is more, you just have to read the Terms of Use to learn that Signbinary and Rocketrade signals are not good enough to make you money!

So in the presentation they say that they will raise your income to a new level, but in reality they admit that their signals lose money. Because if they don’t make money, they lose it, simple as that.

The softwareSo these two signal services obviously serve only one purpose, Optionweb created them to lure new customers to trading binary options. But they make them come under false promises and unready to trade. This is really disgusting.

Not to mention that all the presented numbers and testimonials on both web sites are of course fake.


Signbinary and Rocketrade are scams run by the broker Optionweb. They promise you money, but in reality the signals are not good enough to achieve gains.

Forget about all the promises of free money, they are unreal. You can get real on a free demo account to see how trading really works and what you have to learn to really make money with binary options.

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