DUMB SCAM: Modern Profit Professor – review

Modern Profit ProfessorIn this review of the Modern Profit Professor (MPP) we prove that is a scam. It is presented by Marco Adessi.

Adessi claims that he has learned to trade financial markets with a trader called Harrison Glass. Adessi now wants to teach others, that is why he created the Modern Profit Professor program.

In the MPP program you can get a binary options software that will trade for you automatically. The Modern Profit Professor app allegedly can make you at least $15,000 per month.

Modern Profit Professor scam

Adessi’s story is a fairy tale, this guy does not even exist. In the video you can see a paid actor reading a script, that’s all.


testimonialOn the MPP webpage you can see some testimonials, but they are fake. They were made with paid actors and we can prove it.

Look at the picture on the right, you’ll see an example, this guy is a Fiverr actor, anybody can hire him for five dollars.

The software

MPP-softwareWe did a quick test of the Modern Profit Professor app and no real surprise here, it is an app created and used by binary options scammers only.

Check the picture and you’ll see some examples of other scams that are using this same app, like The Quantum Code for example.

There is nothing unique about this app, it has been rebranded many times and it has lost tons of money to real users, we have a lot of feedback about it.

The truth

So what is the real purpose of the Modern Profit Professor program? It is very simple, these scammers get paid by unregulated brokers to bring them new depositing clients.

So they need you to deposit at least $250 through their software and with their broker, because it will earn them a commission.

If you do it and then trade your account with the MPP software, you will lose your deposit, end of story.


Modern Profit Professor is a dirty scam made to make you deposit money and lose it with a crappy software.

It does not mean you cannot make money with binary options, but you first have to start on a free demo with a regulated broker and learn how to trade.

This is how real binary options trading works.

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