DUMB SCAM: Profits Oracle review

Profits Oracle official websiteThis review is a warning about a cryptocurrency scam called Profits Oracle by William Foster.

Foster claims to be a MIT graduate and former Citi employee who created a very profitable trading system for cryptocurrencies.

His Profits Oracle system allegedly has never lost him a single trade. It opens trades that have at least a 96.8% probability of winning.

His trading system costs about $80. Is it worth it?

Profits Oracle scam

IncomeAny time you see a self-proclaimed millionaire begging you to let him make your rich for just $xx, beware. You see, when you put it this way, it’s clear that it is a scam.

Another giveaway is the 96.8% probability and zero losing trades. If Foster quantifies the probability of winning at 96.8%, he can only do it based on the past performance of his system.

Fake profitabilityAnd anybody claiming a 96.8% win ratio is a liar and a scammer, you cannot achieve such a number in trading.

The same applies to zero losing trades, you cannot have only winning trades.

Illegal service

Foster explains in his video that with Profits Oracle he wants to make you money in crypto trading. So, he is offering investment advice, which is a regulated activity.

But where is Foster’s licence? Nowhere, because he hasn’t got one. He avoids regulation because he is a scammer.

He is only here to sell you his Profits Oracle crap hoping that you won’t ask for a refund within the 60-day window, so that he keeps your money. That’s how it works.


Profits Oracle is a scam, Foster is a liar, stay away from his trading system!

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies for profits, try it first on a free demo account with a regulated broker to see how it works.

You will see that you cannot win every trade and that you have things to learn before you can start investing real money.

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