DUMB SCAM: Renegade Crypto Club review

Renegade Crypto Club official websiteIn this review we prove that Renegade Crypto Club is a scam. It is presented by Adam Neill.

Neill claims that he can give you access to a software that will tell you what crypto trades to take to make money.

His advice can allegedly make you $2,000 in the first day and one million dollars per year. All this with just $5 as initial investment. All you have to do is to buy the Renegade Crypto Club membership for $27. Really?

Renegade Crypto Club scam

Impossible thingsWe don’t even have to buy the Renegade Crypto Club membership to see that it is a total scam. It’s because the presentation is full of lies.

First of all, with $5 starting capital you certainly cannot make $2,000 in first day and one million in one year. That’s just not possible, even cryptos cannot multiply your money 400 time in one day.

Crypto market capAnother lie Neill says concerns altcoins. He mentions that he is not trading big cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum.

The reason is that big cryptos have lost value, while others, the so-called altcoins, “have increased exponentially” in value. Again, this is not true, this year all cryptos are losing.

Check our picture to see that if you take out bitcoin from the markets, the chart looks almost the same. The same is valid for ethereum and litecoin.

There is no cryptocurrency that would be going up steadily this year as Neill shows. He is a liar, period.

Illegal investment advice

Neill wants to give you investment advice through his Renegade Crypto Club, but he forgets to mention that investment advice is a regulated activity.

He needs to have a licence from regulators in the US, since he is selling his crap through Clickbank. But in reality Neill is hiding his real identity, has no licence and is breaking the law.

How it really works

The Renegade Crypto Club is just a piece of crap and all the people who buy it will realize this fact soon. But not all people will ask for a refund, so Neill will keep some of the money and that will be his earnings.


Renegade Crypto Club is a scam full of lies, don’t buy it if you don’t want to waste your money!

The truth is that nobody can predict future crypto price movements with absolute certainty. It is all about probabilities, you can try crypto trading on a free demo account to see for yourself.

And don’t forget that in trading you can not only make, but also lose money, so be careful.

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  1. Hello Adam, Thanks for your researched review on “Renegade Crypto Club”. I almost fell for it. But now I have changed my mind. I will not purchase it. I have been saved. This is Anthony from Mumbai, India.

    Also, please show me how to earn passive income. I am good at writing articles, Also, I can create medical video presentations for Doctors / Surgeons and promote their services. Can you help me to sell my services? We can share profits.

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