EASY SCAM: Blockmant review

Blockmant websiteIn this review we warn against the Blockmant investment program that promises automated profits.

Blockmant claims to have an automated crypto trading system that has no losses and makes up to 5.5% daily.

You can even earn more by referring people to the system. Is it a serious offer?

Blockmant scam

Unreal profits5.5% daily is 165% monthly, which is a ridiculous number that reveals that Blockmant is a scam. Yes, you just need to look at numbers to understand what this investment system is about.

We can’t stress this enough, tens or hundrends percent per month are returns displayed by scams only, because no legitimate company can reach profits this high on a regular basis, it’s just basic economics.

Illegal offer

Unauthorized investment servicesBlockmant is a company registered in the UK. But it is not even one month old. What is more important, it is not licensed by the FCA to offer investment services, so it is operating illegally.

Because when you tell people that you will make them money on autopilot with a trading system, it is an activity that is subject to regulation and you need a licence from the financial regulator. But Blockmant has none.

How it really works

Blockmant obviously is a Ponzi scheme. It means that there is no real trading going on, they just play with deposits and use them to pay some of the first profits.

Such a system is always doomed to fail and it is a matter of time for Blockmant to fail and disappear with all the money that will remain in the system.


Blockmant is a scam, it is an illegal financial game that you have to stay away from!

If you want to try cryptocurrencies trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn how trading works and what you have to learn to earn money.

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