EASY SCAM: Self Made Millionaires Biz review

self-made-millionaires-bizIn this review we prove that Self Made Millionaires Biz is a scam designed to lose your money. It is presented by Jacob Adams.

Self Made Millionaires Biz is a binary options trading software that can allegedly make you hundreds of dollars per day.

And it is free, so you allegedly can get a big income for free and on autopilot. Or…?

Self Made Millionaires Biz scam

Self Made Millionaires is of course a scam. It is designed to make money, but to scammers, not to you.

Jacob Adams

jacob-adamsFirst of all Jacob Adams is a fictitious character created by scammers. They needed to give a face to their scam.

Look at the picture on the right and you will see that the photo of Adams they show you is a stolen photo that in reality belongs to somebody else who has no clue that his identity is being abused.

Fake testimonials

testimonialThe Self Made Millionaires Biz video is full of testimonials. People are saying how much money this program is making to them. But these are only lies.

All the people you can see in the video are paid actors. Look at the picture to see a proof.

This woman is selling her services on Fiverr for 5 dollars. Anybody can hire her for a fake testimonial.

How it really works – the truth

smmNow let’s see how Self Made Millionaires Biz really works and how it makes money to scammers.

After signing up you will be asked to deposit money with a certain broker. You won’t have the choice, because scammers are affiliated with this specific broker and they get paid for referring new depositors to this broker.

Once you deposit, scammers get paid their commission. Only then they activate their software for you. If you let it trade your account, it will lose your money. This is why you won’t be allowed to use it until you deposit, they don’t want you to discover that Self Made Millionaires Biz is losing money before they get their commission.


Self Made Millionaires Biz is a pure scam that will force you to deposit money and then the software will lose your deposit. This has nothing to do with real trading.

If you want to see how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can learn everything you need to achieve real profits.

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