EMBARASSING SCAM: Quantum Hybrid Trader review

Quantum Hybrid Trader official webIn this review we show that Quantum Hybrid Trader is a scam. It is presented by Austin Morrison.

Morrison claims that with his team of experts he developed an automated trading solution that is guaranteed to make you money.

The Quantum Hybrid Trader is supposed to make you up to $237 per hour. And you can get the software for free. So, is this a genuine opportunity to make money?

Quantum Hybrid Trader scam

Unfortunately, Quantum Hybrid Trader is just an investment scam that won’t make you any money.

Austin Morrison scammer

Austin Morrison is a scammerLet’s start with Morrison. He claims that articles about him and his success appeared in media like Forbes, Wall Street Journal or Business Insider. But it is a lie.

Check our picture to see a proof. Moreover, the Quantum Hybrid Trader video which is supposed to show Morrison is obviously a stock video, see the hint on our picture.

Website agreement admits BS

Presentation of liesIf you don’t believe what we mentioned above, check the Quantum Hybrid Trader website agreement.

There you will find a confirmation that everything is fake, made with paid actors and demo accounts.

Illegal investment advice

Providing an automated trading software constitutes investment advice, which is a regulated activity.

Yet, Morrison does not exist and real owners of the system remain anonymous. So, Quantum Hybrid Trader is obviously a non-regulated and therefore illegal investment service.

How it really works

It is obvious that the real aim of Quantum Hybrid Trader will be to make you deposit and trade with an unregulated broker, so that you lose your money quickly.

The reason is that people who run this system are getting paid by those unregulated brokers to send them new depositing clients. That’s how it works.


Quantum Hybrid Trader is a scam, it provides fake information and illegal investment advice. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in trading, you will have to learn and build your own profitable strategy. You can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Stay away from anonymous and allegedly miraculous trading systems, they are scams.

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