EMBARASSING SCAM: Wall Street Trading Software review

Wall-Street-Trading-SoftwareThis review of Wall Street Trading Software proves that it is a scam that you should avoid.

This program has a very short presentation. An anonymous guy presenting himself as a spokesperson explains that Wall Street Trading Software is a new app for trading binary options.

It allegedly has a 75 % winning rate and can earn you $100 per hour. And it is of course free, because all money making systems are free, aren’t they?

Wall Street Trading Software scam

scammerScammers behind this system are obviously lazy, they didn’t bother with a fancy presentation with rented boats, cars, jets and houses. No, they just hired a known scammer to speak on a green screen that has been replaced with a Wall Street photo when editing the video.

The guy who is presenting Wall Street Trading Software is a scammer, he has supported several binary options scam such as Cashimprove or High Frequency Trader. Each time promising big money under a different name. His presence alone is a guarantee that Wall Street Trading Software is a scam.

softwareOK, but what happens when you sign up? As usually you are immediately required to sign up with a broker from their list, which by the way contains only unregulated brokers at this time. So you have to sign up with one of their brokers and deposit at least $300.

We have reviewed hundreds of binary options scams, so we can tell you what happens next. Their crappy software will lose your deposit in trading because it has no real strategy.

The final result is that you lose your money and scammers earn their affiliate commission for referring you to their partner broker. Simple, isn’t it?


Wall Street Trading Software is a scam that abuses binary options. Scammers don’t know how to trade, so they scam people.

If you want to see how real money is made in binary options trading, try a free demo account. There you can try to build a proper strategy that you need before you start trading with real money.

Don’t believe anyone who is promising you a free profitable binary options trading system and pushing you to deposit first.

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