Epic Winner Software is a dangerous scam

In this review we are going to explain why is the “Epic Winner Software” on binary options a dangerous scam that you should avoid. It is presented by Jack Spencer.

What is Epic Winner Software about

Epic Winner SoftwareThe anonymous video presentation explains that Epic Winner Software has overcome the main limitation for a successful trading system on binary options, which is the trade size limitation. Because it does not allow you to raise your investments to cover previous losses.

You supposedly now have a limited chance to become a beta tester of this software that can make you $10,000 within six to eight months from now.

Why is Epic Winner Software a scam

You have to deposit with one broker of their choice.
You have to deposit with one broker of their choice.

The presentation of this system is full of lies and mistakes that prove that Epic Winner Software is just another scam that is trying to abuse binary options. Let’s go through some of them.

    1. They say that the maximum trade with one binary options broker is $250, which is the reason why they had to create a system that works with multiple brokers at the same time. This is not true, there are brokers that allow you to invest $100,000 in single trade.


    1. They say that you will have multiple accounts with different brokers, that your choice is free and that they are not affiliated with any of them. This is another lie, sign up and you’ll see that you have to open an account and deposit money with only one broker – RB Options – through an affiliate form, so they will get money for referring you.


  1. $3 % of $500 is $30? Go back to elementary school.
    3 % of $500 is $30? Go back to primary school.

    Maths – the presentation is full of elementary nonsenses. For example they say that you will start by depositing $500 and then your first trade will be 3 % of your capital, which according to them is $30. Later they say $20. But 3 % of $500 is in fact $15. So would you invest your money with somebody that can’t do this basic calculation?

  2. They say they are not asking you for a single penny, but as mentioned above, you have to deposit money through them, or you won’t be able to use the Epic Winner Software, so it is certainly not free.

But what really makes Epic Winner Software a truly dangerous scam, is that it works with the Martingale system, which basically means upping your investments after losing trades so that you cover your previous losses.

If we come back to their example with a $500 deposit and $30 initial investment. They say that in case of losses the next investments are 6,5 %, 21 % and 67 % of your initial capital in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th trade respectively. And here comes the danger of the Martingale system, if you get 4 losing trades in a row, you have lost all your deposit, look at the table below.

4 losing trades in a row and Martingale with a $500 deposit

Trade Investment Total loss
1 30 -30
2 32,5 -62,5
3 105 -167,5
4 335 -502,5


Not only is the Epic Winner Software a scam, because it is full of lies, but it is also very dangerous, because it wants you to trade with the Martingale system, where you need just a small series of losses, that are common in trading, and you lose all your capital.

The truth is that money can be made in binary options trading, but not with just some lame tricks, you have to have a proper strategy and money management. You can try a free demo to see how binary options work. Then you’ll see what you need to achieve in order to start making money.

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